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Modern crystal chandelier, these new regulations may affect your business

Nov 21, 2023  Josenart

These new regulations for modern crystal chandelier may affect your business. Just like making LED jewelry lights, only high-quality production techniques can be used. But as a manufacturer, we not only need to know how to make high-quality crystal chandelier, but also need to understand how to polish and spray paint crystal chandelier to avoid affecting crystal production due to excessive surface conditions. Let’s take some of the first crystals and see if their quality is stable, and we need to ensure that there is a nearly perfect spot between the color direction and brightness of the light.

Take some of the first large crystal accessories and imitate the bright luster of jade. However, due to the low quality of production and the fact that some workpieces are thrown aside, not only did they not absorb the light, but also some scattered light occurred, making the noise unbearable. The more affected by its poor performance, the smaller its processing. So we must learn to discern with heart. To understand different shapes, we also need such careful work when choosing crystal chandelier. Halogen chandelier, including crystal chandelier with a diameter of 80mm, multi-core copper tube lamp, plain lamp, and crystal floor lamp, have good luster, and the crystal lamp handmade by the designer are also very beautiful.

Hotels are usually divided into business type and tourist vacation type. Business type hotels are usually located in economically developed cities and receive business travelers, highlighting functions such as office, meetings, and business banquets; Tourist vacation hotels are usually located in tourist attractions, highlighting their vacation and leisure functions. But this does not mean that hotels are only for vacation, but also for global consumption, so when we choose to purchase customized lighting fixtures for hotels. Generally, star rated hotels are determined based on the tourism industry share, so customers can choose and customize according to their actual requirements.

Light efficiency and energy efficiency: Choose between hotel lighting power consumption, lighting brightness, and building intelligence (including energy-saving, environmental protection, health, and high coefficient).

Color temperature selection: In a reasonable temperature environment, the uniform illumination value of each building in the hotel can be adjusted according to the needs of everyone. If this grade line is well lit, the lighting effect will be more diverse.

Lamp selection: Color temperature is a concern we have before customizing the hotel. When the lamp is adjusted to a certain positioning position, it deviates from the lighting effect of the entire hotel. We will not define a lamp anymore, but use the method of “seeing light but not seeing light”. The ordering method of the lamp fixtures, and this process is our responsibility.

LED projection light manufacturer, LED projection light 02-30W, LED projection light, LED factory light 30-50W, LED mining light 50-80W, who provides LED projection light, comprehensive auxiliary lighting, LED projection light manufacturer introduces different types of LED projection lights, must ensure IP65 or above waterproof, return to the imported light.

The quality of lamp is an important factor in the selection and purchase of lamp, and the safety of lamp is the foundation of lamp installation. Lamp installation is long-lasting, and if there is leakage, it loses the title of others, because the practical application of explosion-proof lamp we usually refer to mainly refers to those used for combustible materials, especially outdoor lamp.

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