10 led wall light knowledge, come and learn more

led wall light knowledge, come and learn more.

High quality glass fiber reinforced wall lamp. 2835 SMD beads should be used for high-power led wall light. The application range of 3W LED patch beads: hotels, shopping malls, clubs, office buildings, villas, schools, supermarkets, shoe stores, stores, restaurants, jewelers, shops, offices, high-end leisure places, leisure clubs, banks, highways, bridges.

The unique integrated led wall light design makes it possible for you to have led wall light. Good products have powerful functions. It can be used in indoor environments, such as corridors, corridors, hotels, halls, restaurants, shopping malls, large shopping malls, courtyards, highways, etc. Lighting for parks, hotels, office buildings, villas, and other places; Various styles of wall lamp illuminate the function.

Such as parks, courtyards, shopping malls, schools, advertising lighting, and going to the city. The installation distance of wall lamp should be around 20 meters, and the distance is too high or too close.

The basic lighting in the pedestrian area should be mainly based on lighting. Common basic lighting fixtures, such as desk lamp, spotlights, street lamp, etc., can be installed in the basic lighting to avoid glare, ensuring the smooth operation of the basic lighting fixtures.

When purchasing, check the LED light source. Currently, there are many packaging factories in China, and it is easy to see LED light source packaging factories imported from abroad. Nowadays, LED light sources are only a large number of imitations, with exquisite and high-end appearances; There are also some separate processing factories, which are really important just for the profit of money.

The LED light sources produced by each factory are coated with epoxy resin. In addition, PET can be applied during procurement.

When ordering, in addition to the existing production area on the outside, the LED light sources in each room can also be separately installed on several downlights;

When ordering, the room usually has a large area of 8 rooms on each floor, with an area of 200. There are 2 fixed rooms corresponding to each cabinet type, which is approximately a split! Installing LED light sources often uses the new generation of energy-saving light sources and LED driving technology - "green lighting", and green lighting must meet the requirements of green lighting.

led wall light

The brightness in the display window varies, usually divided into 200-300, with the best spectrum of fluorescent lamp as the ratio. It is mainly used for product display and has high decorative properties.

The preservation and placement of lighting fixtures is located in the storage area, and a lower storage share is the biggest technical link when moving kitchens and bathrooms. In an area with an internal capacity of 500-600 w and no more than 0% in the showcase, if the warehouse share is 400-800 hours and 1000-600 hours are half collected, the ceiling of this area can be used as a moisture-proof barrier for goods only in 2018 showcase nights, providing a general appearance or matching with other environments, that is, fresh and strong green lighting.

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