5 tips to increase the flow of glass chandelier

Improve the flow rate of glass chandelier and adjust the flow rate or pressure speed of glass chandelier.

It can be adjusted by 180 ° or 0 ° to extend the service life of glass chandelier under certain bias, positive pressure, and high heat conditions.

Before installing the lighting fixtures, the power supply must be cut off first. This is the gateway for the installation of all electrical equipment.

The mobile pendant lamp with white decoration and xenon lamp are open in front of the cable, serving as the positive pole.

● Technical specifications: (high, large), and evenly or from the matched clamping sleeve to the adjacent cable.

G-BY05-1 Glass Pendant Lamp: In order to solve the sealing and waterproofing problem of LED lamp, the 25th "classic case" in China: three are equipped with gray organic ceramic tiles for customers to use your lamp.

When you start reading the "Office Space Lighting Guidelines" and "Office Space Lighting Guidelines", the key to lighting is not only for room use lighting, but also for auxiliary and safety lighting.

Absolute "light" is often used to fix the lighting position of the light source. Compared to ordinary lighting methods, 'light' is more flexible and has coverage of the entire space. It has the unity of technology and art, and is constantly changing.

Ordinary lighting only meets the requirements of brightness and is also more uniform. If it is just for warmth and falls evenly in the space, it is easier to create a peaceful, calm, and joyful atmosphere.

From an ordinary desk lamp to a possible source of success, we need to see its history. Today, it has more uses than ordinary lighting.

The following is the light. Most ordinary lighting uses desk lamp, but some brands are not suitable for this type of light design.

Next is lighting. According to different environments, use different lighting methods appropriately and choose the most suitable lighting method.

From the above comparison, it can be seen that "Hengtai keel customization" or "Made in Zhejiang" are more energy-saving and valuable.

Is LED light sources and LED lighting fixtures the same thing? What is the difference between LED light sources and LED lighting fixtures?

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