Consumer demand is constantly changing, how to please the ceiling lamp industry

Consumer demand is constantly changing. How can the ceiling lamp industry please consumers, beautify the East China market, flexibly market products, and seize the market where consumers are using more lamp and e-commerce.

The market positioning and consumption demand of consumers are directly linked to the lighting environment in the lighting industry, forming distinct characteristics of non consumer demand and consumer consumption demand, thereby breaking the market for soft furnishings.

The market demand for consumers is increasing, with new brands of chandelier, ceiling lights, wall directional lights, night lights, wall lights, adjacent lights, window lighting control systems, and light trough kitchen and bathroom lights.

Consumers are mainly concerned about the quality of lighting fixtures. With home lighting as the main focus, non-standard chandelier, ceiling lights, window light sources, flat adjustable light sources, light guide pillars, surface mounted down lights, tube spotlights, etc., consumers are entering the intelligent era. This requires a lot of attention to light source quality, material selection, brand, aesthetic taste, and other refined debates, personalization, in line with consumers' comfortable choices for modern style homes.

The brand influence of consumers, after all, lighting fixtures are the most valuable type of lighting fixture nowadays, which can provide new types of lighting fixtures compared to traditional lighting fixtures such as LED downlights and LED spotlights, such as LEDMR16/10/20. The human trend is sustainable and smooth without driving, and the lighting effect is good. The lighting volume is smaller, which is suitable for enterprises to further expand the market, especially for government demonstration enterprises, filling the market gap.

The superiority of lighting design is to meet people's pursuit of beauty in lighting from both the layout and content of the lighting process.

Simply put, lighting fixtures are mainly divided into commercial lighting, engineering lighting, decorative lighting, environmentally friendly lighting, and professional lighting fixtures according to their usage location

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