Creating an intelligent visual feast for the led wall light industry

Create an intelligent visual feast for the led wall light industry, lead the technological revolution in various industries, and provide quality light to more consumers.

led wall light

Continuing the functionality and prevention concept of traditional LED lighting fixtures, we aim to create comfortable, environmentally friendly, and efficient color temperature and color rendering index for led wall light that meet the "open" research needs. We actively strive to create a new generation of led wall light and create a pleasant and gentle color for consumers.

The intelligence of LED lighting fixtures can be adjusted to different directions according to different products, achieving the best lighting effect and creating an unforgettable living space for consumers.

led wall light

Work on the working principle of LED lamp, minimize the latest technological content of LED lamp manufacturers, and combine the history and technology left by the tropics.

Treat mature tropical plants as plants, forming artificial elements that integrate with nature, creating an organic combination that is suitable for natural light, people and plants, and our organization and communication.

LED lighting fixtures are not only energy-saving and environmentally friendly, but also have algorithms that can be manipulated at will, making them a difficult and efficient green light environment.

Energy saving lamp and high-pressure sodium lamp are both cold light lamp, and their power consumption is generally only 1/10 of that of ordinary lamp. They can use high-efficiency circuit boards or achieve high lighting effects. Because it has better quality assurance than ordinary light sources, their lifespan is equal.

Level 0 cannot be used in general elections where the temperature reaches approximately 50 ° C, otherwise it is referred to as' Nianzi '. Temperature of LED lighting fixtures: When it comes to the highest perceptible warm light on a 1/5 high building, rooftops, balconies, etc. can increase people's heat and adjust energy for lighting. Therefore, during the day, the lighting should be set to 30 square meters. At night, these points should be canceled and all previous incandescent lights should be dimmed. For daytime environments, the lighting facilities in the auditorium and auditorium that should be lit can be appropriately reduced, with fewer spotlights.

Rich in fun and cute! The light source of LED underwater lights can change color, making it easy to install and outline. These lights can be installed. In contrast, LED underwater lights often use ordinary light sources, showcasing their rich color advantages and a sense of vitality. There are all kinds of vibrant colors available, and LED underwater lights are not suitable for arbitrary use.

The control methods of LED underwater lights are also very diverse, which can be controlled according to the lighting engineer's drawings and needs. The control modes are also different. Therefore, LED underwater lights are commonly used, so LED underwater lights can be used uniformly.

LED underwater lights must be grounded. By doing so, the grounding resistance of the entire underwater lamp is also well protected. The top of the lamp has a waterproof and tight copper wire head, and the protective body is made of stainless steel.

LED underwater lights need to strictly control the power supply of the equipment, and do not let any lights fall down.

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