Differences and application scope of different types of living room pendant lights

The difference and application range of different types of living room chandelier make the equipment and usage habits used in the living room different. The height of ordinary living room chandelier is generally 120cm-150cm, and high-quality living room chandelier make the living room more comfortable.

Definition of engineering chandelier: Engineering chandelier refers to a light colored indoor residential building that is customized according to the visual requirements of consumers and the proportion of indoor space. It is suitable for high-level commercial office areas and office decoration projects. It is used for indoor lighting in offices (and can be used in conjunction with energy efficiency indicators such as cars) ——The entire [Le] level ultra dimensional education classroom [Hot+] level deformation classroom [Car level hot warehouse furniture] level super large parking lot (Figure] level deformation classroom.

Indoor display board (six to eight floors): with a thickness of 05-15 centimeters, a thickness of 720MM, and a gap of 249-30mm.

Outdoor display boards: Various specifications, installable or not, whether the season is related to leasing, and whether the details are related to the construction.

Furniture display board (level 9-11): Various versions, suitable for simple decoration of family rooms.

Radiator: Made of TC-C pure polyanodized aluminum oxide, PF-P100, and heat transfer printing technology.

Radiator: Double panel with similar heat dissipation, with two grid surfaces and a thickness of 5MM-5MM on both sides. The heat dissipation area is commercially available, and high-quality aluminum plates are installed and fixed.

Mask: Thickened tempered glass, beautiful and fashionable, providing the best environmental lighting, reducing glare, and bringing comfortable visual enjoyment.

The lamp adopts a combination of front beam angle mirrors, with a large upgrade of 10 degrees of illumination, and is matched with a 19 mask transparent bulb. The entire lamp line is smooth, the light spot is uniform and full, and the light spot is clean and natural.

living room chandelier

The lamp glass is made of high-quality high-purity aluminum sheet stretched and formed, and the transparent cover is made of high-definition tempered glass, which has excellent light transmittance performance. The lamp body is treated with powder rubber after anti-corrosion treatment, with a light transmittance of up to 93%, strong UV resistance, and can adapt to high temperature and high humidity room environments.

living room chandelier

The lamp adopts a foldable structure with a rear cover, which can effectively integrate and automatically lift the floodlight. The lighting is uniform and soft, with a large illumination area of over 10m2.

·Stage lighting design must be people-oriented, with the theme of "Lighting in the Ice and Snow World". In terms of lighting design, it points to personalization, emphasizes foresight, emphasizes effective usage functions, and injects youthful vitality.

·The exterior design and research and development of Denggang provide a new concept for lighting design.

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