Different types of led wall light and their applications

The design styles of different types of led wall light and their uses are mostly based on relevant European countries.

Within the boundaries of the road system, pure copper pipes and imported fans from France are mostly used, with a power consumption range of 14-040.

How can we create a tall LED outdoor lighting environment with a low wind exposure area.

The beautiful LED outdoor wall lamp with ultraviolet light can be seen when used on glass, and there are customers and friends who are designing outdoor lighting needs.

Installation method for LED outdoor wall lamp: LED outdoor wall lamp are used for outdoor lighting, such as gardens, streets, squares, parks, etc. The lampshade of LED outdoor wall lamp is tempered glass, which is successfully stretched from high-strength and excellent steel plates, and also has added polycarbonate.

Let's first understand the difference between outdoor LED wall lights and outdoor wall lights.

LED installation on-site shooting of classrooms/smart classrooms/eye protection lights/viewing classrooms/television stations/exhibition halls/sports venues/supermarkets/hotels/theaters/exhibition halls/outdoor wall lamp cases.

Smart Classroom/Comprehensive Classroom/Smart Classroom/Comprehensive Exhibition Hall/Oriental Education Area/Minimalist Education Area.

Detailed display of your products, technology, design, production, installation, after-sales service, supported and recognized by you. Exhibition/Smart Classroom/Comprehensive Exhibition Hall/Lecture Room/Provided by four floors and various expert explanation systems.

In the future, we will adopt new management methods, adopt new data analysis, expand production lines and information technology, establish an information application platform mainly focused on exhibition hall signage, and look forward to the products of similar units and the lighting industry.

Artificial intelligence products are applied to smart cities, smart street lights, smart classrooms, smart application features, simple devices, efficient network devices, ceiling lights, DC screens, and more.

The professional new ecology and new lighting ecology constructed by the smart classroom are practical, allowing for deep and unified planning of teaching machinery, terminal equipment, and ecological system, implementing the social concept of harmonious enterprise management. In addition to providing comprehensive professional development such as replacement and renovation, the key is to use smart lighting control technology in the classroom.

Set up in nursing homes along the main roads of the campus. Composed of functional lighting, key collaboration, and research capabilities, integrating IoT and information technology, comprehensively innovating intelligent IoT data, and achieving intelligent lighting management through the combination of one click control, magnetic cards, and other devices. Entering the Zhiyun teaching system,

Human beings always adhere to the source of "temperature" throughout their lives. The 'warm feeling' is long-lasting and urgent. Use "Warm.

Artificial intelligence "makes every effort to dispatch intelligent manufacturing technology, comprehensively and throughout the process, combining artificial intelligence and intelligent interfaces to achieve only one set of power carriers combined with intelligent IoT lighting control.