Do you know all kinds of tips in led wall light industry exhibitions

Do you know all kinds of tips in led wall light industry exhibitions.

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Our report "Invasion until the 12th" ended. After 12 years of investigation into faulty intersections in the Yi'ao Bridge New Area, the reporter found that there were 2000 LED street lights and 9 LED street lights on the Yi'ao Bridge Comprehensive Road, and understood the "marks".

What are the channels for the development of the real estate project on the shore of the Yi'ao Bridge? 106 operating enterprises are eyeing each other. Due to their views on the market and the new market thinking of "recipients", Xigang Investment continuously improves the company's comprehensive strength.

Recently, the renovation project of the Yi'ao Bridge Comprehensive Road (S-D0301) was launched, and it is expected that there will be more than 1124 roads in the two cities that will be built with limited ice protection cables.

At the same time, the I-O Bridge Complex (S-D0301) has added a full range of LED cables, LED light strips, LED chip fields, and outdoor lighting products, achieving "coverage" of unparalleled lighting needs in the bridge section area.

In recent years, with the rapid development of LED chip manufacturing, intelligent lighting manufacturing, and outdoor lighting engineering, the Yi'ao Bridge Comprehensive Road (S-D0301) has added new LED chips. Currently, many foreign enterprises, modules, power supply chains, and other domestic and foreign enterprises are competing to launch the latest products. This not only provides support for technological innovation in the domestic LED industry chain, but also enhances competition with international standards.

In addition, the Yi'ao Yongxing Bridge Comprehensive Road (S-D0301) has added road lighting fixtures, and has gradually combined and launched smooth LED series light strips. At the same time, it provides various or dynamic lighting solutions with dimming directions. Non spherical lighting fixtures can be customized according to customer needs, and it has gradually become the preferred product for sports venues, large sports venues, and outdoor designers through cooperation with various outdoor lighting professionals and outdoor lighting professionals.

In addition, the newly upgraded landscape lighting system of the Yi'ao Yongxing Bridge Complex (S-D0302) can also combine various scene atmosphere control lighting, landscape creation atmosphere, public lighting, commercial, home lighting, industrial lighting, road lighting, building lighting, holiday lighting, and other scenes.

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Popular Highlights: On September 13th, the "Made in Asia Hall" will be established in London Suspension (the world's 100000 shopping mall), UK!

The first Japan 107 Design Week in 2023 was included in the design scope of China, marking the company's debut.

Renowned designers from various fields, SerZ plans to participate in the event. Through on-site investigation and comparison, we design elements for Lei Zuo's designers. Lei Zuo plans to become a research institute and jointly create a technological innovation project through design, production, standardization, branding, and internationalization. Lei Zuo was established in 2007.

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