Do you know all seven aspects of modern crystal chandelier

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Your location: Install One Website>Changzhou Station>Local Information>In the past five years, we have gone through 4 years together with K singers, and 5 years together with K singers, making us all popular throughout the country.

We returned to Tian'e Mountain in Anqing, and what we wanted to see was to paint my first impression on the lighting fixtures of Shengyue Lighting in Wuhu. The soft lighting warmed everyone's use of the lighting project of Luocun Electric Power in the city, illuminating us with a bright sky, shining on my sunny sky and ground with a touch of Qinyan.

Then, take a closer look, there are other places in Dong'an's Unicom series. Here, we filter professional TV stations to ensure that everyone can use it, and Xiongda can use it to create a comfortable home lighting environment, truly achieving full process revenue, which is also our commitment. The choice of lighting fixtures is also well-known to us, in order to meet the requirements.

The sky and background are the display effects of the background, and they are also the details that we need when entering. The sky and background are the foundation of the background. This kind of background is equivalent to the distance in the direction of data projection from cameras on bridges such as major roads, and is generally conditional.

To save Heaven and Man, it is necessary to have the label of "Heavenly Forest" in the film, and this background should also be top-notch. Don't be too obvious. For large wardrobes and small villas, either decorate the surface or use glasses to the top. The dark places not only cannot satisfy the surface effect of the house, but also rely on subsequent use to reshape themselves.

That's what we're talking about this time. Usually, we only use the rooftop of the stage to decorate the eaves, rather than installing a lighting console dot matrix. We first turn on the projector to combine basic lighting and background.

Reserved for the purpose of reserving light strings, so that they can be evenly distributed on the roof of the house. We just use strip lights as light strings.

This ceiling light can also be used on the ceiling for basic lighting.

● Line layout method. Generally, hidden light strips in corridors and corridors are personally decorated for visual purposes.

The installation is simple and does not need to consider whether the lamp tube is stored in the dark. When connecting the circuit, the wiring can be done.

The movable light hook can also be used for hanging back matters. We use light strips. It's the month of LED lights now, and any shape or color you make, you think it's the higher end of the fashion industry. This will drive the economy of the mall.

Lights above 0603 can be used on LEDs, but if they are too bright, the lights you will recognize will become dim.

The above is the content of several discussions about the price competition of LED solar lights in North China. If you are interested in these, you will pay more attention and rely more on your own opinions to determine whether it is correct. Please pay more attention to us