Experience sharing in sample testing of glass table lamp

Experience sharing in sample testing of glass table lamp: Introduction to the characteristics of glass table lamp: Conventional glass glue waterproof glass glue desk lamp products: Introduction to the characteristics of glass table lamp: Conventional glass table lamp products: Introduction to the shell of glass table lamp.

The glass table lamp produced by Jiangxi glass table lamp manufacturers are characterized by their unique chemical properties, including glass table lamp with unique dimensions, which are widely used in China.

Vacuum glass mainly has extremely high heat resistance and good wear resistance. It has advantages in temperature resistance, portability, scratch resistance, penetration resistance, yellowing resistance, impact resistance, flame resistance, acid particle resistance, aging resistance, scratch resistance, immersion resistance, high pressure resistance, penetration resistance, high pressure resistance, aging resistance, temperature difference resistance, and properties.

Advantages: Glass cups have excellent chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, and the influence of pot temperature. They are the main cost substitutes for glass pots. For things based on other materials, it is also necessary to use chemical corrosion resistant and anti-aging process lamp to replace crystal cup products such as watch shaped glass cups, cylindrical glass cups, bubble shaped glass cups, square glass cups, etc.

Appearance design: From the main body of the down lamp, the glass surface, and pure diffusion to the window surface, increasing the nutrients of the light source, divided into different product process forms. The major advantages of downlights are their LED lighting conditions, convenient installation of lamp tubes, and long service life.

Optical design: enhanced heat dissipation function and adjusted heat dissipation: thermal radiation mechanics, heat conduction algorithms, etc.

Safety certification: It has passed the explosion-proof certification of the national authoritative organization and is fully produced in accordance with the national explosion-proof standards. It has excellent explosion-proof and anti-static capabilities and can work safely in various flammable and explosive places.

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