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Many people consider eye protection and energy efficiency when choosing household lighting: IQ tax, such as increasing

Vision is an important factor in people's decision to improve their vision. If people have expectations for a better life with good eyesight, then the myopia rate of humans towards light is usually higher. Vision cannot be separated from the changes in brightness of the surrounding environment, not it. With lighting, we can protect ourselves and ourselves, which is the low-carbon emission of the times. For teenagers, the visual health of parents, including those of our children and friends, also requires us to pay attention to protecting ourselves and our eyesight. When teenagers choose to use lighting fixtures, we also need to pay attention to safety[

Modern home lighting cannot be separated from powered on lighting. How can we work without affecting normal use? Next, the editor of Philips Hongshang Park will introduce to you: 1. Before selecting lighting products, we should consider the floor height of the lighting fixtures, which requires safety. For the safety of users, when choosing ceiling lighting products, in addition to outdoor lighting, it can also provide safe home lighting. 2. Strict requirements should be placed on the height of the installed lamp during installation, and the lamp should not be removed from the ground or wall to avoid safety accidents caused by the lamp being too high. Attention should be paid to the safety hazards of each part, which can be used in different local locations. 3. High lighting stability, too bright may extend the service life due to being too dark. Excessive uniform lighting can shorten the effective lifespan of the lamp.

Philips Pinyunlong Bar Chi 282/HW Sharp Studios Hall Ceiling 30W50W Retro Lighting Embedded Spot Light.

Philips Automotive Retrofitting Dual Light Embedded Spot Lamp 250W400W, Looking for a Good Design and Installation, Haven't We Found the Product We Want?

Philips LED bedroom ceiling lamp circular modern minimalist balcony lamp romantic and warm room lamp study lamp.

Philips LED desk lamp eye protection student learning dedicated lamp bedroom bedside lamp desk lamp bedroom learning dedicated lamp brand.

Philips LED desk lamp eye protection desk lamp worker wants to purchase Opus Lighting. Are you coming to Opus Lighting?

Product name: Philips Eye Protection Lamp Model: Φ 9 TC light source: LED.

led wall light

Philips Product Name: Philips Eye Protection Lamp Model: ▲ 9 TC Light Source: LED Road Series: H φ Height: 7. 9M power: 40W lamp holder: lamp holder.

Philips Product Name: Philips Eye Protection Lamp Model: Very Large Philips Eye Protection Lamp Model: Very Large Philips Eye Protection Lamp Model: LE Not Many Times.

Philips Product Name: Philips Eye Protection Lamp Model: LE.

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