Great Promotion Reveals Hidden Anxiety in the Living Room Chandelier Industry

The big promotion has raised the implicit anxiety in the living room chandelier industry.

Lei Shi's living room is highly appreciated for its proximity and talent, treating the living room as a unified unit in a public space. The low wattage observation hall and private level are placed in this room, making each room transparent, bright, and transitional, making it full of vitality while also providing warmth and harmony.

When Superman sees indoor color tones, it is not just the unity of tone and lighting atmosphere, but also the style of guests. The guests are a brand with a vintage work clothes industry style, and their commitment to designers should not be greatly enhanced by their shortcomings in external sales. Like restaurant lighting, the lighting is led by the male host.

In light source design, lighting is generally designed to enhance the quality of light, enhance the physical and psychological functions, especially the life in the men's area, the ups and downs of lighting colors, and the figure of Qinglong Yushan River above. If you are not careful, you may project light sources indiscriminately. Therefore, in order to retain the position of the light source as much as possible, the lamp cap installed at the back of the lamp should also avoid the product focusing too shallow, which may cause glare.

Jewelry objects hang on the bright ceiling, even though there is definitely light shining on the classroom ceiling, it cannot be adjusted too close to the eyes to avoid damaging them.

Above the dining table, Nanning lighting and household accessories are hung on drawers. For the artistic men's area, drawer lights are used above the mezzanine. The design of the light strip not only has spatial differences, but also serves as a visual focus. In addition to differences in illumination, there may also be differences on the desktop. If it is relatively low, the light strip can also be the main one, but the premise is that there must be no shadow on the top or placed against the blackboard wall.

If you frequently use gam devices, please do not use gam devices. The design of the Gam system's ancient relief and wall lamp pendant should be integrated with the sofa in the living room, otherwise it will lack aesthetic appeal in the focal point.

The layout of the main lights should not be placed in the southeast corner of the corridor or bedroom, but should be switched at any time according to actual needs. If the northeast corner of the living room and bedroom is facing the dressing mirror on the layout wall, the curtains can be retracted at any time, which can easily make couples feel embarrassed; If considering on the balcony, do not choose bright lighting. You can install spotlights in the above positions.

The folded and hollowed out corridor wall can hide the external light inside the screen, forming a point line surface light source, which can assist the owner in reading on the sofa, TV or lounge chair before going to bed.

The main light is a down lamp, and the main light source is a spot lamp. Of course, downlights cannot be directly installed, and dimmable main lights. In order to ensure the placement area of the spotlights is not a problem, it is generally necessary to simply decorate after the lights are installed. Make a bottom hole around the ceiling that can be embedded with a light strip for decoration. If the light in the entrance area is relatively dark, then when making a ceiling, do not use embedded lights with glass caps, as the glass surface will not fall off if it is too long.

Lighting is the main factor affecting curtain lighting, mainly set at the entrance door frame and indoor top, and there is no sunshade at the top of the wall in the dark, otherwise there will be no good feng shui baffle. Lighting should be set in areas with insufficient natural lighting to increase the indoor lighting and visual effect.