Here are four aspects to tell you how to grab the dividends of led wall light

What are the tips for grabbing led wall light bonus lighting fixtures?

led wall light LED lamp, made of die-cast aluminum. The surface is relatively rough, and the LED cost is higher than the light efficiency of traditional light source lamp. It can be used for decorative lighting or decorative lighting of green belts in parks, garden villas, squares, and other places.

led wall light

LED wall lights are touch lit LEDs, and the lighting effect is naturally very bright. Gently rotate in a clockwise direction, and the led wall light's light strip emits continuous light up and down, with varying heights.

Voltage: Semiconductor lighting with warm white light (350mA, color temperature 6000K) and very low voltage. T4 has a higher temperature and its light is particularly warm.

The drawbacks of COB chips are poor heat dissipation performance, very high thermal resistance, and the use of COB chips results in even lower voltage. Therefore, more COB packaging uses COB light sources.

● Pay attention. It is best not to exceed 800K for COB light sources. If it exceeds 1000K, please do not use inefficient LEDs above 110V.

● Pay attention. In general, the number of led wall light is fixed, if not specified, because the power and wattage of the lamp are the same. The calculation of wattage generally only yields 07W.

● Attention. Requirements. But nowadays, high-power LEDs are hardly produced in the market. Conventional lighting fixtures are usually divided into LED and built-in HDL (T5, the most conventional sound)/CRTL (magnetic absorption light)/LED lights. In this case, please seek energy-saving measures on the material or use thermal resistors with higher thermal conductivity as much as possible.

CRTL is an open measurement field, whose main function is to transform LED light power into various electrical/electrical modifications for use in lighting fixtures, and combine it with this solution to expand anti overflow, heat generation, impact resistance, and other properties using slurry heat dissipation technology, combined with LED light sources.

When connected to the power supply, the temperature directly integrates multiple terminals, which is undoubtedly a very important basic device. The outer shell of the sensitive component will cause the internal chip to be extremely unstable, which is to ensure good transportation and transfer. The passive impurities on the side are deposited into the heat sink. During heating, the heat is evenly distributed, which in turn affects the heat dissipation of the heat sink. In addition to the mechanical and thermal conductivity of the heat sink, the oil seal has excellent cooling rate in form or key, and the mechanical processing performance of DRTL can reach the vibration value. The heat of LED with a wet thermal conductivity of 1W of LED can only correspond to 625% of the extreme temperature of the display film and solder joint, but it is not suitable to directly deliver the heat to the peak value of the rated value. The passive material on the side needs to seal the cells and connect the chip through Bluetooth for slight brightness.

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