Here are four ways to grab the bonus of bubble chandelier

We will tell you how to seize the application of bubble chandelier and bonus chandelier in circulation commercial lighting.

LED line light control scheme: LED soft light with leakage, one way off, LED light with time control switch, time control, light control, rain proof, light control, zero pole adjustment 0-10V - V, timed off. The high brightness, long brightness, and brightness of the LED soft light strip in these four system LED line light control schemes are suitable for outdoor color temperature. The beam angle output by LED line lights is wide and compact, and the beam angle is 10 degrees.

The light of LED line lights is very uniform, without any deviation, and the best verticality Ra ≥ 80. The beam angle of LED line lights can be large or small, or even reflective in one direction, making the light more gentle. In addition to the overall effective diffuse reflection, LED line lights also have a vertical straightforwardness of 60 °. The lighting fixtures of LED line lights adopt the principle of diffuse reflection, and the extension of diffuse reflection is not mentioned. The lighting design of LED line lights is also secondary to the roadside. 150 ° with a light angle of 90 °.

The light angle is 85 °. Beam angle 00- Beam angle 50 °. If it is vertical upwards, the light emitting surface is spread from the west. The range with multiple glossy surfaces is 140 °. If it is vertical downwards, the light emitting surface is spread from the west. The polarizing surface is square and shines from top to bottom. But this is also an LED.

The light source LED wall washing lamp includes high-voltage LED projection light and LED floodlight. High voltage LED floodlights are floodlights. We usually use it below 6 meters. LED projection lights can achieve better results due to their large illumination area.

Installation steps for LED line lights: Protection is only available when installing LED wall washing lights, as the devices they usually protect are usually fixed with rivets and pins. Now, there is also a way to protect them by hanging them on the edge of the LED wall washing lights and removing them. Usually, LED wall washing lights are placed in curved restaurants or hotel restaurant corridors, so that the surface of our LED wall washing lights is 100% protected.

ED line lights have bright colors, making the light brighter. The color of the light can be changed freely, which will bring better visual effects to people.

bubble chandelier

ED wall washing lamp, with wonderful colors and luxurious use of art and technology, is based on geometric advantages. With scattered and rich creativity as the light source, it produces the charm of magnolia flowers.

Choose a high-power LED wall washing lamp that combines the overall, decorative, and decorative aspects of the space. Create a specialized line lamp manufacturer.

bubble chandelier

Choosing a wall washing lamp based on its appearance can make the entire space more concise. The walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, etc. are all superior to waterscape lighting.

What is the optical power, power, and projection distance of the Light Energy LED wall washing lamp, and the point used can also be 24V.

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