How to obtain IPPC identification for export LED wall lights?

How to obtain IPPC identification for export LED wall lights? Interpretation of common problems in skills.

Outdoor management LED tunnel lamp wall lighting LED outdoor wall lamp waterproof 6W water pipe light controlled led wall light.

led wall light

Installation location of engineering wall lamp Wall lamp type Outdoor wall lamp specification Outdoor wall lamp color Wall lamp main material Outdoor wall lamp Ceiling lamp/Wall lamp constant light/Projection wall lamp Second installation method General installation method for wall washing lamp Why is there a wall lamp 39 cm away from the wall with a base led wall light? Wall lamp In order to make our wall lamp more perfect, we usually use 12m long wall lamp, 24V long wall lamp, led wall light.

The feeling that wall lamp give us is much more important than that of wall lamp. The diameter of the wall lamp is about 22cm, the height of the wall lamp is about 8cm, and the size of the wall lamp is about 55cm. Low pressure halogen lamp can be added to ceramic wall lamp, gradually leading to a "light luxury" design. It focuses on the overall 'youthful' and 'natural' styles. The overall position of the wall lamp is to block 45 ° light from the wall, making the space more integrated.

When making purchases, it is recommended to be sure to make sure that they are in place. This is enough. The distance from the ground is 1 person from Shijiazhuang, about 37cm from the ground. If this is just the word 'light luxury', and if this public makes an agreement with their friends, they will not have a holistic attitude.

led wall light

High building facades can achieve this effect. In terms of building lighting, the lighting of the ground design facade can generally be expanded to increase but deviate from a uniform area, giving the overall space harmony. But in wall lighting, if the distribution of the two is ignored in terms of material selection and design, there is no need to add luxury, but it will become more beautiful and practical.

The proportion of lighting can be seen, but there is no need to highlight the sense of hierarchy or install lighting separately, which is generally easy to access. By changing the brightness and darkness, the spatial hierarchy of brightness and darkness has been perfectly resolved. In the color temperature series, buildings, curtain wall materials, and facade wall materials can be adjusted according to the room color temperature and atmosphere, creating a sense of atmosphere indoors.

The uniformity and differences of light in different spaces are significant, and they are constantly changing, but they can be expressed through factors such as the medium of the changing environment. Wall lighting not only provides basic functions, but also enhances the artistic feel of the interior.

The uniformity, intensity, and reflectivity of lighting in different spaces are coordinated with various environmental atmospheres, creating a specific environmental atmosphere.

If there are no lights, they can be automatically turned on or off. The commonly used lighting is also a choice for single lights. This type of lighting has several advantages.

● Energy conservation. As is well known, the lifespan of incandescent lamp and other metal halide lamp is 3000 hours. Of course, some units also use LED lamp, and energy-saving lamp have a longer lifespan compared to fluorescent lamp.

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