Key points to pay attention to when exporting led wall light for foreign trade

The main points to pay attention to when exporting led wall light for foreign trade are: 1. LED lamp used outdoors have small faults due to differences in outdoor climate and power. 2. LED lights used outdoors may experience malfunctions due to differences in lifespan, light efficiency, and color temperature. 3. LED lights used outdoors in homes may malfunction due to differences in outdoor climate and power. 4. Firstly, it is obvious that the cost price of led wall light is 1:3, which is the cost of led wall light. Fault LED lights use outdoor LED lights, but due to differences in outdoor climate and power, the price of LED lights cannot be met. The material used for LED wall lights and LED light strips varies, and the proportion of small desk lights is 10.

Outdoor LED lights use lightning protection wire laying, and outdoor LED lights use lightning protection technology. Generally, 6 lightning protectors, explosion-proof movable joints, explosion-proof pipe joints, explosion-proof movable joints, explosion-proof flexible connecting pipes, explosion-proof threading boxes, explosion-proof outlet boxes, explosion-proof junction boxes, explosion-proof movable joints, explosion-proof junction boxes, and cold insulation are used.

LED surface mounting technology. Engineers need to accurately define the three aspects of light/zero (Guangzhou World Administration), accessories, drill bits, and pipe joints, and implement the final standards: 50W, 60W, 70W, 100W, 120W, 140W, 150W, and 220W.

● Thin guide of the material. Designers need to have a clear definition of lights/zero (Guangzhou World Administration), products with inconsistent standards, and compare them. Finally, manufacturers can select their members through more LED parameters in order to achieve unified and executed factory prices.

● Thin guide of the material. Engineers need to have a unified definition for lights/zeros (Guangzhou World Administration) and products with inconsistent standards, and perform primary and secondary upgrades, followed by batch upgrades. The uneven pricing of customer production ultimately determines the stability of the product and is also one of the key indicators for manufacturers to withstand product quality.

Full range of configurations: distributed power meter, electrical performance, working environment, indoor optical characteristics (visual representation, visual environment, color change to space, pedestrian activities, item overflow)

● Special performance: Power factor ≥ 09, using low power density lamp beads compared to traditional halogen lamp products has a significant energy-saving effect; The general brightness distribution is 10 to 10 watts, and the color rendering index Ra is greater than 80. But due to the high heat generated by LED light sources.

● Safety: LED lighting fixtures do not generate noise, protect people's eyes, and achieve ideal lighting fixtures;

● Applicability: LED lighting has the characteristics of power saving, long service life, novel appearance, and green environmental protection.

LED protection level: It refers to the driver chip directly attached to the surface of the LED lamp. When the LED is used in the driver power supply, heat sink, or epoxy resin, it belongs to the isolation resin because the LED light source is hard, soft, and does not form light falling on the thin-walled part, and even does not have an encapsulated circuit.