led wall light are prone to mistakes in foreign trade development

led wall light foreign trade development is prone to errors and market isolation.

LED guardrail light manufacturers have a complete range of styles, types, affordable prices, convenient installation, and complete after-sales service.

led wall light are an important branch of LED lamp manufacturers' products, and they have already undergone a transformation and promotion in their installation methods. Several of the led wall light have been taken offline, and some have immediately become products of led wall light enterprises.

Our product Oupu Lighting started in 2002 and has been involved in the automotive industry. It is a foreign trade exhibition with 110m2 of tooling and 14m2 of shopping malls. The factory covers an area of 15000m2 and has more than 78 core fields, including the world's strong professional lighting design, large precision light distribution pools, automated production lines, precision laser cutting, semi-finished product processing production lines, precision laser cutting, and light source positioning.

Oupu Lighting has grown from a healthy and stable supplier model in one year, specializing in the production of laser carving, three-dimensional laser cutting, and household use.

We are: investment franchisees in 2015, representing enterprises in Binzhou City, the government of Binzhou City, and consumers of Binzhou City.

Oupu Lighting was established in 2008, specializing in automotive LED lighting fixtures, displays, and lighting systems. It is a domestic LED light source manufacturing enterprise with international trademarks. The company obtained the "National High tech Enterprise Certificate" at the end of 2016, and its products passed the IS09001: 2000 quality management system certification. The products have been awarded honors such as the "National High tech Enterprise Certificate", "KABODE", and "CC".

The company has a clean and consistent operating environment, and has passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification. It has established the ISO14001 environmental management system, and provides customers with national AA level 14001 environmental management system certification room and national high-tech enterprise certificate.

At the beginning of Oupu Lighting's establishment, it went from sales to manufacturing, production, certification, industry and commerce, and technical services. LED light source module series, LED ceiling light, LED street light, LED tunnel light, LED high pole light, LED explosion-proof light, LED projection light, LED down light, LED explosion-proof light, LED track light, etc. LED ceiling light in Chongqing.

With the development of new technologies in the application of LED technology, LED lighting will also emerge everywhere. Nowadays, the LED industry in Shenzhen has a scale of over 100 billion yuan, and many local governments have specialized franchise units, such as rural and urban lighting.

The sales of LED lamp are very low, and the government finances are all concerned about price increases. They can directly negotiate with the company to solve the electricity bills, such as urban lighting, roads, bridges, or the government's new landscape lighting, gas stations, consumer scenarios, etc. Government funding is invested, and if you are proactive or eager to increase pricing, you will automatically collaborate with as many manufacturers as possible to develop.

Chip technology - Power=20W lm/w × 1 5 rings × 10 rings × 12 ring A × 108 rings.

The LED industry ranks first and second in size in the region, with an investment scale of approximately 9000 yuan.