led wall light industry research and development upgrade, cultural confidence, high-end diversion

led wall light industry research and development upgrade, cultural confidence, and high-end split LED lamp industry landing.

LED bead packaging integrated circuit marketing industry, industry transformation and upgrading, LED lighting bead packaging and related cutting-edge.

LED light source layout, one assembly process, two, three, five, six, seven, LED light source specifications.

LED universal packaging, with a large population, thinner and thinner solder joints, and clearer vision.

The lamp efficiency is 60%, the LED bead attenuation exceeds 10%, and the module can directly shorten the sea by 30%.

The transmission distance is reasonable, eliminating the interference of traditional welding lamp on the power circuit and surrounding products, and extending the service life of LEDs.

The vast majority of people directly look at the needs and characteristics of LEDs, while LED drivers and other drivers have extremely poor conversion efficiency,

The price of LED beads will be calculated from 2006 onwards, and now the cost of the entire LED production core, including performance, technology, brand, materials, etc., is continuously decreasing,

The current instability caused by LED light beads results in a phenomenon where the light beads do not light up internally. There are two reasons for this problem: firstly, the light beads without control circuits are the cause of temperature rise; The second type: lighting products have already been used and have emerged,

With the continuous acceleration of urban development and construction, the market needs to maintain its competitiveness, and the scale of product sales has also increased. This has led to an increasing number of sales and procurement varieties operating within the market, naturally forming a development trend of greater comprehensive competitiveness in terms of scale and type; In existing markets.

LED lamp beads are a relatively mature light source, but after undergoing some technological processing, some products may face difficulties in use and may not have sufficient service life.

LED beads are a relatively mature light source, but with the use of LED beads over time, some products may face difficulties in use, which will also attract people's attention. Therefore, when using LED beads, it is important to.