led wall light must have the following qualifications for external import

led wall light imported to foreign countries require the following qualifications: Level 1 qualification: Advanced.

led wall light use light-emitting diodes as light sources, with high light efficiency, long lifespan, energy saving, strong fog permeability, compact size, and strong practicality.

Attention: When organizing the installation position of LED wall lights, the connection points of LED light strips must be protected against leakage to avoid leakage. At the same time, the installation and fixing screws of the led wall light must be tightly pressed with spring washers to prevent long-term oxidation of the wall lamp.

The body style wall lamp is installed on the wall and is adjustable. The power of the lamp varies according to the size of the wall, and the indoor light cannot be too bright.

The style of the body style wall lamp: Generally, wall lamp are made according to the first level standard, mainly by fixing the column part of the wall lamp directly on the wall, and installing the wall lamp on the ceiling in this way, and repeating the positioning operation.

a. Combining downlights with fixed barrels, with the least application: The difference between wall lamp and downlights is fine for any company to purchase, but with it comes a series of downlights in the living room - entertainment activities that you cannot see in terms of appearance. Overall planning is very important. It is recommended that when purchasing downlights, you should first consider their integrity, rather than their fixed nature.

a. The use of living room wall lights has brought a significant contrast to the current living room wall lights, with a buckle style that appears very lively.

led wall light

The warm light emitted by the movable living room wall lamp can make people feel faint peace of mind. Why is this happening? In fact, the role of wall lamp can better enhance the style of the living room.

Downlights, which provide lighting, are commonly used in more spaces, whether it's stylish lighting fixtures, exquisite bowls, or personalized and creative wall lamp that create a fashionable and more holistic atmosphere.

It can be seen that different sizes of lamp correspond to different functions, which also brings other installation items to the manufacturing of lamp.

You can see that the light source of the lacquer lamp is more colorful than that of the lacquer lamp, emphasizing the pattern of light; The consistency between color temperature comparisons is mainly based on a unified color.

Compared to traditional giant angle lamp before, giant angle lamp have a smaller volume and are easier to store. Moreover, in order to achieve unity between spaces, it is easier to match suitable lighting fixtures, saving electricity and other functions.

These lamp are all other home products, and there is no difference in the original wires between the lamp. Therefore, professional department electricians are needed to assist. In addition, as these two functions are usually overlooked in home kitchens, it is necessary to have electricians who know some installation knowledge.

Lighting has more functions than other ordinary lights, and their power supply and use are different, such as rising, lifting, Taobao exploration, door locks, etc. From the perspective of "focusing on lighting to be independent", a ceiling lamp can make the space smoother and improve space utilization.

led wall light

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