led wall light products are old but still shining brightly

The led wall light products are old but still shining brightly. The led wall light has been honored for two years in depth, and the "invisible screen window" of the led wall light adopts non-metallic texture frosted glass or transparent oxidation treatment, which can prevent salt spray and toughen. The lamp body is mostly equipped with metal cap buckles to enhance deeper transparency.

The core technology of LED lighting fixtures is independently developed and produced, with a complete set of advantages in LED lighting. We continuously develop new technologies to reduce energy consumption, increase the volume of light sources, replace bulbs, and use old bulbs. Equipped with building automation, personalized customization services, and strong shipping skills.

200w 200000 w LED waterproof wall lamp, waterproof underwater wall lamp, LED outdoor wall lamp.

LED outdoor wall lamp, highway human sensing wall lamp, outdoor wall lamp, courtyard lamp.

It can quickly achieve a 256 level grayscale low wind nano lamp as a lighting fixture, with various wall lamp types such as 1W, 3W, 10W, 15W, 18W, 24W, 25W, and 30W.

Complete specifications: Φ 2350mm Φ 4350mm Φ 10 large areas Φ 67mm Φ 72mm Φ 67mm Φ 10 Φ 67mm Φ 566 Φ 527 Φ 529;

led wall light

The lamp body is a heat pipe heat dissipation sleeve, ensuring the lifespan of the light source and improving the service life of the bulb.

Technical parameters: Rated power: 38W, working environment: -40 ° C~-75 ° C, input voltage: 170V~14A, light color temperature: 2700K-6000K, average service life: 100000H.

led wall light

Lamp protection level IP65, luminous angle: 120 °, luminous angle: 45 °, luminous outlet: 100 °/16 °, 75 °.

LED special light source has the advantages of light science, heat source, high light efficiency, long service life, IP65, and other special heat dissipation functions (including heat dissipation medium, which can meet the lighting needs of different occasions), and has super strong heat dissipation function, suitable for different places.

Certification and initial working temperature determination of LED special lighting fixtures Installation environmental conditions of LED special lighting fixtures: generally suitable for outdoor use in places; Outdoor use environment temperature range: (-20 ° C to+40 ° C) In humid and more harsh places, lower ambient temperature places, the ambient temperature is not allowed to seep into LED lights - usually between 50 ° C to+50 ° C, LED special lighting fixtures exposed to sunlight have the characteristics of maintenance free, long life, and maintenance free.

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