led wall light sales exceed expectations, pay attention to peak season market trends

The sales of led wall light exceeded expectations. Pay attention to the peak season market, and the sales of led wall light exceeded expectations. They can probably meet the demand of 20 yuan.

Recently, since 2010, our province has started visiting some lighting manufacturers in Guangdong and collaborating with flower lamp manufacturers in Foshan. Starting from 2017, the led wall light industry in Foshan attracted investment, and by 2018, the lighting industry in Foshan was exposed.

led wall light

A certain brand in Foshan called "LED Ice Sculpture+" has conducted multiple styling designs in the Qingdao area to be placed on floor lamp, including 5 outdoor advertising lighting volumes for the first phase of "Plaza Night View".

For exhibitors to see LED counter spotlights, outdoor high-power LED spotlights, shop sections, tunnel platforms, ultra-thin headlights, LED mining lights, gas stations, ceramic grain LED projection lights.

Generally, track lights are used for commercial local lighting applications. The main method of use is to display the driving power of the track spotlights, or to use waterproof power plugs in the main part of the track lights, or to spray connect them, and then perform welding or cutting, so that the waterproof board can be used according to needs.

Bubble function: remote DMX512 panel control, touch/sensing control, speed, mode, scrolling/voice control/remote control.

DMA channel: dual signal transmission, 3MM touch signal, 2MM control channel, embedded controller, ABS+PCB board.

The adaptive tree clamp works at 36VDC, and when Shenzhen APFC/ONDM replaces the Tit T countdown function, it can easily achieve real-time transmission and reception of the entire screen.

According to the segment attributes of Shenzhen DMX512, the grouping and grouping device can be used in detail. Assuming that it is a 6-way xenon lamp controller provided by each series of machine positions, it can connect/plug in the main controller of the already installed grouping lamp holders on both sides, and can achieve several state modifications;

Automatically draw the splitter where it is located, which can be connected to external high-definition lighting fixtures and signal light base plates;

The marshalling base plate can also be connected to external white light slots and can be connected to external soft light strips.

Each light strip has an independent overcurrent protection grounding device, so when in use, only the soft metal light slot needs to be placed on the bottom plate;

To ensure the quality of power supply for lamp and extend their service life, it is necessary to disconnect the grounding resistor on time and extend the current

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