led wall light technology evaluation report

led wall light technology evaluation report LED lighting fixture areas, oil field environmental protection areas, ports and docks, construction of ground landscape areas, and venue utilization LED lighting systems can meet the requirements of consumer installation, use, and management, and are highly favored by the market.

Good human strobe dimming function, using CR to create professional LED wall/corner lights, with adjustable horizontal/vertical speed, product life and performance of 500 hours.

Urban road lighting, street lighting, urban blocks, industrial parks and other scene lighting, to increase the nighttime lighting atmosphere of the city and create a leisure tourism environment.

City: Road lighting, rail transit floodlights, projection lights, scenic area lighting, and lighting decoration lamp. Wall washing lamp, wall lamp, LED PAR lamp, stage spotlights, buried lamp, block LED buried lamp, UL certified.

LED tile lamp 2835 SMD beads, 30 SMD LED beads, high-power LED SMD LED beads, using the LM-80 chip of the American Pry brand, LM-80, LMW four channels for customers to choose from. 18: 30 lights.

LED, SMD LED, high-power LED light beads, SMD LED light beads, 3528 light beads, high-power LED lights, 3528 light beads, 2835 light beads, LED light beads are mainly composed of chips, with a pressing structure inside the LED chip.

The volume of LEDs is larger than that of plugins, with 30mm larger lamp beads. High power LEDs are all high-power through Ap deformation and COB packaging, achieving a single lamp bead size of 2-7mm.

The volume of LED beads is dozens, and there are also as many as 300 LED beads, ranging from seven days of chips to a set of beads.

LED beads are mainly composed of chips, and the commonly used 3528 chip mounted LED beads on the market. There are relatively few domestically produced ones, which are processed into 4 types for processing and drilling.

The optical system is far more than just a camera, but performs multiple views based on the location of the photography site. The wavelength range of incident light is relatively narrow and unclear from a distance. When viewed from a close range, the muscles in the eyes are not easily fatigued due to long-term photography.

Every ordinary lamp bead will often be different from ordinary lamp beads! But this does not mean that the lens, a special light source, will project onto the retina in the opposite direction of the light source.

The main function of 3528 LED beads is to block a portion of the light source and illuminate it upwards, forming a certain amount of light after reflection, so that the light source is evenly distributed throughout the entire plane range and has a feeling of not being bright. It is precisely because of this that the inverted light beads can achieve high color characteristics.

Angle of illumination: The size of the direction and the brightness of the light source can also affect the swing angle within a certain range. Uniform within a unit area range.

514 LED beads refer to the forward bias direction that provides uniform illumination. The main purpose is to block a portion of the light source from shining outward. This mode includes anti glare design of glass, rather than uniformly shining around to avoid glare.