LED wall lights can also roll out new top currents

LED wall lights can also roll out new top flow lights, but the lifespan of each wall light is different. led wall light require durability and good performance, and the distribution price is gradually increasing. led wall light generally have an integrated LED light source, and also have an LED light source. LED is a cold light source, water mist will evaporate and disperse, and various outdoor wall lights such as fish tanks will ignite.

led wall light generally have a piece of glass as the wall lamp, and there are also many types. LED wall lights require durability and good performance, as they are not frequently turned on and are prone to damage. led wall light can generally be sold. led wall light are imitation of suspended ceilings and can be installed on the surface, with adjustable lamp caps such as lotus flowers. Moreover, the light of the wall lamp is very soft and does not create a dazzling feeling. At the same time, wall lamp often use LED as local lighting.

The brightness of wall lamp in general bathrooms and kitchens is greater than 70 watts, specifically: the brightness of 30W incandescent lamp is higher than 60 watts, and the illumination distance of ordinary led wall light is more than 50 meters. Of course, waterproof led wall light also have the characteristics of external lighting. led wall light generally have a net switch function, during which the "+" led wall light dims at night. You can freely choose light changes. The bedroom and living room use warm yellow lighting.

Most of the southern and island regions choose energy-saving led wall light, which often light up in small spaces. The insulation layer is too high and the lighting level is insufficient. Be careful when using the LED wall lights in the bathroom. Due to the signs of condensation during high temperatures, water mist and oil smoke can be very dangerous. Even if there are other electrical plugs inside, they may be installed in a chaotic atmosphere with multiple air switches.

However, when going to the outdoor area or the area with shelter or direct rainstorm or rain, because the height is within 20 meters, the specific operation will not be treated too much. If so, simply install the led wall light on the closet or furniture, and simply open the product to use it.

Remove the housing and check if the lamp can withstand the tight seal, which needs to be protected.

The hot air device in the bathroom should first be equipped with a fan in its air duct and heated with a small heat sink to ensure the normal operation of the fan.

led wall light

Self tapping screws and expansion bolts (nuts) are fixed to the lower part of the wall lamp (nut) to comply with the nut of the buckle. Pay attention to the fixation of the screws during installation.

Measure the tension on the surface of the rod with a level gauge. If the mechanical speed change is related to the sliding of the gear, and the swing may be an error, it should be repaired in a timely manner.

Use the acceleration button to press the switch. If people, vehicles, shovels, silent buckets, remote controls, and other daily sounds are randomly pressed, it may cause a serious malfunction and require prompt inspection.

If the face ring is stepped on or removed by permanent magnet induction, it should be immediately removed.

The collision between the mask and reflector and the balloon should be made of gold PU foam product material, and the surface should be smooth and clean to avoid stains.

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