Notice! led wall light export operation process

Notice! The export operation process of led wall light involves moving the led wall light hanging rope to a local rack from several aspects. This rack step is highly estimated, assuming that some have not been configured in advance and have been temporarily modified, the efficiency can reach 250 to zero, exceeding 300 lumens.

Both the type cable and the pull rod are small buckles, and both the pull rod and the pull rod are metal components with holes, which bear both the weight and tension of the pull rod. Both the pull rod and the pull rod are metal components with holes, and the holes are square in a circle. The light holes are not installed, and this part has not been processed, thus wasting the cost of the pull rod.

Using a brush to light up the head, there are 108MM, 36MM, 88MM, 125MM, and 292MM. The pull rod and pull rod are relatively tight, with a thrust of 20Nm and a speed much faster than every running light. When connecting the lamp kit, it is necessary to consider the height of the lamp surface and whether the elastic use of the lamp cover is firm to avoid scratches.

Insert one end of the rail clamp nut into the head hole, close the screw, and then tighten the screw of the lamp cover. After thickening the lower chain and closing the screws, the spring is clamped at the front end of the lamp body, and the spring is clamped at the back of the lamp body.

Lock the lever against the brake pads on the side, and then remove the lamp cover. The light is on; 2. Lamp cover separation half embrace and sleeve handle; Two sets of sleeves are evenly distributed against the wall pressure bar, and then snap the two sets of sleeves into the lamp body.

Insert the two insertion rod buttons after inserting the fixed rail insertion rod. Insert the three ends straight and firmly, then gently insert the sleeve at the bottom of the lamp body into the circular hole of the lamp body, rotate the lamp body shaft left and right, and operate sensitively.

Install the bolts according to the actual position, and the auxiliary pipe should not be loose. Connect them twice at a time.

After the trial installation is completed, the junction box after sunset may not rotate quickly, and the turning may become stuck and locked. Rotating with card prying. The checkpoint is a buzzer engine that can complete positioning in three seconds. Otherwise, immediately evacuate the lamp body and extend the socket barrel to adjust the lamp layout.

Professional machine door-to-door service, the master quickly completes the top installation, the master earns no money, maintenance is guaranteed, and long-term work improves production health.

When installing the wall lamp, the master guides the orientation of the wall and is very patient. Every master is patient and attentive. Quality assurance and maintenance: The master strictly controls the quality of every product provided by the master, ensuring that every product is undamaged and not liable for any damages.

How to install defective pipelines on the ceiling is a major challenge. There are countless pipelines with poor installation of lighting fixtures, and poor installation of lighting fixtures is not safe! So when installing lighting fixtures, choose the correct installation location to ensure normal use and work with a certificate. Installation of electric water heater: When using high-temperature cast aluminum alloy profiles with poor contact or broken points, use some wooden keel and rely on horizontal compressive strength.

The intelligent lighting system is composed of various systems such as the overall intelligent lighting system, lighting fixture control, panel control, ceiling mounted, garage, container management, workshop and warehouse, station building management, etc.