Planning Plan for LED Wall light International Exhibition

The planning plan for the international exhibition of LED wall lights, as well as the design of LED track lights and LED wall lights.

The international certification exhibition provides advanced services for the certification of LED drivers and LED lamp in the same way, different categories, and different styles. Provide North American EPA certification, imported European roMREN/Malaysia Aifuli certification, and other certifications for exhibitors and overseas customers.

The US Department of Energy Standards Committee is responsible for determining whether LED lighting products can compete with the international market in any way, based on current international current standards.

The North American Lighting Society invites domestic LED lighting product buyers to purchase LED lighting products.

The International Illumination Society of the United States specializes in the certification industry research of LED lighting product procurement, aiming to provide the highest quality LED products, the most advanced technology, and the most comprehensive design solutions for excellent LED enterprises both domestically and internationally.

led wall light

LED lighting products have been selected by the Government Lighting Committee of the National Lighting Society, forming the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" energy-saving and emission reduction targets. Promoting green lighting is one of China's sustainable development strategic plans, making significant contributions to promoting LED lighting energy-saving actions.

LED lighting products have entered the business agency of the National Lighting Society, mainly distributed in warehouses, restaurants, shopping malls, hotels, supermarkets, factories, parking lots, hospitals, plantations, parks, sports venues, and other special lighting places that require outdoor lighting. Energy saving lighting fixtures in Shaoxing City.

According to the environmental requirements for lamp selection, office lighting design should be chosen. Generally, the intensity is relatively low. In order to ensure uniform lighting without glare and pollution to indoor furniture, doors, windows, and other facilities, LED lamp with color temperatures such as gray, white, and transparent can be selected, so that different scenes can be seen on paper, desktop, and up and down. The most commonly used one is "LED lighting heat dissipation performance".

The weight and volume of the lighting fixtures determine the color temperature. Generally, the selection of chandelier in indoor lighting is generally based on the weight of wooden lights, which directly affects indoor lighting operations. Choosing a pendant lamp, the shape and form of the lamp can not only purify the air, but also achieve mosquito resistance.

The range of lighting areas is more extensive, and some real estate development and new local and outdoor environmental lighting can also fully utilize natural light, which is more common indoors.

In addition to choosing LED lighting fixtures, process technology has greater significance for LED lighting fixtures, and the process of single end packaging LED lights is also more complex. Ordinary lampshades are used, but a small amount of photoelectric materials are used to make it easier to collect, thus forming a packaging process that ensures the unity of brightness and color of LED lighting fixtures. Currently, many outdoor LED lamp are packaged with epoxy resin and used as LED lamp.

LED light beads, due to their advantages such as high brightness, high craftsmanship, low power consumption, long lifespan, and good color stability, currently there are a wide variety of LED lamp on the market. The quality and quality of LED lamp are ranked among various LED manufacturers in Singapore, Reds, and even more. Why are LED lamp still based on energy-saving standards? At present, there is a wide variety of LED lighting fixtures in China, and many merchants have no problem with it.

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