Precautions for exporting led wall light goods

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led wall light generally use grounding devices, and grounding devices can be used. Because solid-state sodium lamp or high-pressure mercury lamp have many advantages, sodium lamp and metal halide lamp have many disadvantages, such as high intensity, thin wall lamp material, corrosion resistance, weak exposure, etc. Compared to metal halide lamp, LED lamp have a slightly better price. LED lamp are not metal halide lamp, but rather ordinary LED lamp on the surface because of their good structural performance and energy saving. And it is commonly used for local lighting.

Suitable for hotels, guesthouses, airports, shopping malls, specialty stores, business halls, boutiques, shop windows, offices, workstation ceilings, factories, hotels, car interiors, homes, and other lighting places. The main use is high-pressure sodium lamp, which do not cause too much darkness and can better replace solar LED lamp.

The frame of LED lights can be made of materials such as polycarbonate due to its inherent glass fiber, thereby improving the color quality of the product for consumers. LED lights themselves are an improved environmentally friendly material that can bend glass, turning light into blank or even asymmetrical fiberglass. All the outer frames of LED lights can be made of colorless ketone, that is, PC's. Due to plastic, it is not known as epoxy resin. The initial main function of LED lights was to connect the frame and bottom shell lights, thereby connecting the main body of the glass to the glass.

LED lights have their own patented exterior design, which is very suitable for large areas of the same low brightness light source. Any outdoor shadow is not afraid of any different outdoor lighting. It is important to have silicone sealing strips that can be completely sealed inside and even outside large LED lighting fixtures. The LED lamp itself is a sealed lamp. If there are internal breakpoints or the quality is not very good, it is difficult to find a very smooth and clear appearance. Without good elasticity, it is easy to get stuck with flux.

The main components of an LED lamp are composed of a light source and a driving electrode. LEDs can be composed according to specific lighting and space requirements. The structure of an LED lamp includes a light source and a power supply. LED lights use silicone sealing strips, which can effectively prevent light damage and damage. Use compressed connecting wires and mounting brackets. This ensures automatic disassembly and repair of LED lights. Has excellent flexibility. The customer has been using LED lights for a long time.

led wall light

The development trend of LED lamp is to have strong design and production capabilities. LED lamp are not only loved by people in terms of luminous principles, but also have great advantages in application fields, and have great application advantages in many fields. At present, LED lights are widely used in the manufacturing of street lights, and in order to achieve lighting functions, street lights must be able to meet the lighting requirements and control the process.

led wall light

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