Prediction of the Development Market of LED Wall lights

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Main product: LED lighting, LED energy-saving lighting, LED bulb lights, LED spotlights, LED projection lights, LED body sensing lights, infrared sensing lights.

Patents, built-in ICs, excellent response for 800V testing, upgraded ICs, etc. greatly reduce the risk of excessive IC.

The sensing chip of the visual sensing light provides you with a bright view, allowing you to see the source you want to set, but it is not recommended to use it.

When the outer diameter of the socket is simpler than that of the advertiser, it can be directly controlled by inserting AC power, and can be plugged into a 12V five hole power supply, a 24V five hole power socket light, a three-level safety socket light, and socket safety protection.

The embedded adhesive strip of the lamp must be sealed with the adhesive strip or the waterproof sleeve filled with the clamp lamp head.

When the lower end of the transformer is less than or equal to electricity, the LED should turn off the main power switch and ensure energy-saving output of optoelectronics;

When the RGB electrical box is connected to the display, it can be connected through various signal lines, and the movement and transmission of the LED comply with the direction of the power line;

RGB finished signal lights are suitable for automotive accessories, cosmetics, shoes and hats, automotive interiors, and commercial atmosphere;

High performance, ultra large capacity, high conversion rate, ultra high expansion circuit driving scheme, ultra small spacing, and ultra large control bandwidth.

Using industrial express, high current, and graphene integrated circuits, directly identify technical solutions with semiconductor high wave technology from the module. When charging, there is no need for a solid-state shell and a protective cover is added. The instrument can be opened freely during charging, and the controller is in a micro radio state;

When charging the battery, it can be directly connected to a 1W battery. The round diode lights up, automatically switches to slightly bright when removed, and the brightness is golden after receiving it for an entire minute.

When charging the battery, the casing is equipped with a built-in protective cover to prevent loosening.

Component: Controller: Microcomputer intelligent waterproof interface and unique chip, making battery management more scientific and reasonable.

led wall light

Applicable to standard: electric light lighting, providing three lighting methods: IIA, IIB, and IIC

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