Sales are exploding, and a new blue ocean is emerging in the living room chandelier industry

Sales are exploding, and a new blue ocean is emerging in the living room pendant lighting industry. Interior decoration solutions include LED lighting brands.

With the taste of life, people are also curious about home decoration. In addition to lighting effects, lighting fixtures also have certain requirements. How to choose low-end products and create a unified and harmonious home atmosphere.

There are various tools for lighting color changing effects, which can be easily and directly applied to home decoration and are deeply loved by everyone.

Light source: LED is a semiconductor electronic device that can convert electrical energy into visible light, with the advantages of excellent performance.

● Color temperature: LED has a color rendering index of up to 80, restoring the true colors of objects, making them appear realistic and colorful.

Efficiency: The color temperature of incandescent lamp is integrated with its metal halides and oranges, while fluorescent lamp are replaced with xenon bulbs, which have good color temperature consistency.

Energy saving: The consumption of LED xenon lamp is only 1% of that of incandescent lamp, and there is also an advantage of saving more than 90% energy compared to incandescent lamp.

Light efficiency: The gas discharge light source used shines from top to bottom, but its light output rate accounts for about% of the entire lighting input power, thereby reducing glare.

● Heat dissipation: The LED light is tightly attached to the aluminum alloy heat dissipation wing, with good heat dissipation. The LED light is fixed for heat dissipation using a hammer tooth.

The size and appearance of the chip can be adjusted, which can generate a large amount of warm current and will not affect the lighting effect of the shadow board display information.

● Energy saving: LED lights save electricity and have a long lifespan; Compared to incandescent lamp, energy-saving is achieved at 12:00 pm, with a ten watt 0W LED bead, although the price is much higher.

Ultra long lifespan: LED beads all use low attenuation light sources, reducing the number of beads and replacing 250 watt fluorescent lamp throughout the year. The energy-saving effect is more significant than that of fluorescent lamp.

Low heat: LED lighting fixtures and LED lighting fixtures are DC driven, without flicker (ordinary lights are AC driven, which inevitably generates AC drive).

● No glare: LED lamp are a new type of light source with long lifespan and no obvious glare damage.

Environmental protection: LED lighting fixtures are the key to belonging to green and environmentally friendly lighting.

Wide voltage range: The photoelectric efficiency emitted by LED can reach up to 2600lm/W.

● Waveband: The wavelength coverage is small, and its biggest advantage is that it is not a general optical output rate, but rather a relationship between the various currents and the quality of the optical output.

North level Optoelectronics Management: North level Optoelectronics has a great deal of pertinence and practical use of cross-border pricing "Crystal Fantasy Flowing Water Lead": The regulations of the Hebei Provincial Quality Supervision and Administration Bureau regarding the exchange of LED drives for Taiwan and North level LED drive control aim to acquire active and subvert traditional drives, so that the Hebei Provincial Quality Supervision and Administration Bureau will not recognize the actual appearance of this significance.