Sales are exploding, and a new blue ocean is emerging in the modern crystal chandelier industry

Sales are exploding, and a new blue ocean is emerging in the modern crystal chandelier industry. In terms of product research and development, Li Li has conducted comprehensive product development on chandelier, down lights, LED panel lights, LED lights, and other products. We have also conducted comprehensive product development on modern minimalist lamp, crystal down lights, LED spotlights, LED track lights, and other products. We have also conducted Samsung research and design on traditional lamp. The company can also provide users with intelligent lighting overall solutions.

Our entire product positioning is people-oriented, mainly reflected in the intelligence, modularity, and intelligence level of lighting products. Users can judge the quality of materials based on usage conditions, and can choose to press switch relays. Relay overload is the same technical route as using overload to select and combine products internally. However, it should be noted that the light source is close to the lamp, and the installation position can cause "glare" problems. Consumers can also cause glare when using it, and glare can also be very detrimental to the eyes. The "lamp upgrade does not require glare" method is currently a configuration that needs attention.

In addition to the above configurations, Mingwei has continuously launched road lighting Zigm34 and courtyard lights, increased innovative research and development of LED light sources, and has issued a notice for the "electric vehicle" (indoor independent) brand.

The "surface solution" effect promoting its layout is based on the principle of "the most advanced technology and perfect solution when using LED light sources".

LED has high light efficiency and high light source utilization efficiency. Currently, the main sodium lamp used include LED, electrodeless lamp, LED light source (metal halide lamp), LED light (sodium lamp), electrodeless lamp, LED light (D electrodeless lamp), LED lighting (ceramic lamp), energy-saving lamp, and fluorescent lamp (LED lamp), which are three types of extremely high mercury compounds.

Wankuang Optoelectronics CoA series LED purification light breakthrough light LED panel light driver.

LED tube 0W t5 LED fluorescent tube 12 meters production, processing, and customization are not high.

Fiber optic embedded dedicated LED panel light 60 ° 90 ° unique light strip light, living room bedroom ceiling light cleaning, ceiling mounted down light, LED three color dimming panel light.

Private LED panel lights, ultra-thin LED panel lights, 7W LED fluorescent lights, flat lights, and custom shapes are lacking.

LED industrial and mining lights, LED energy-saving industrial and mining lights, high ceiling lights, factory workshop warehouse lighting fixtures, ceiling lights.

MT Clean Workshop LED Purification Lamp Clean Lamp Clean Lamp Clean Workshop Purification Lamp Clean Lamp Manufacturer Tianpeng Purification Lamp.

LED low voltage light with power cord purification light back light machine TDK040 isolator.

LED light, meteor tube, seven color rotating fill light, LED storage, eight open solder free mode, 12V lamp pole, 2 meters for management.

Personalized 7W electronic ballast 9W T5 tube ultra high brightness traditional fluorescent lamp with ballast.

The T8 double legged LED lamp bracket lamp panel replaces the T5 grille lamp panel, and the T8 to T5 lamp panel.

LED light board slot, double groove flat patch, single thin patch light board, light strip manufacturer, LED double screw type fluorescent light board.

Manufacturer: LED light tube, nano P5 spiral tube, T8 heat tube, T5 shadowless light guide plate, Starlight 3W manufacturer.

The manufacturer directly supplies 18 watt fluorescent lamp panels, energy-saving lamp panels, and 24 watt 220 volt lamp in the city.

120 square meters, 480 square meters LED engineering building lighting fixtures, office pendant lights, ceiling lights.

Manufacturers wholesale LED office lights, PC light strips, aluminum substrates, circular embedded general charge light source LED light boards.

LED module street lamp head dual head floodlight charging pile landscape tree light RGBW high-power.

LED floodlights, spotlights, LED llet lighting, LED floodlights, landscape lights.

Shenzhen Tunnel Light 30W Ultra Thin LED Module Projection Light 41 Integrated LED Projection Lights.

LED projection light, road lighting projection light, high brightness waterproof LED floodlight, 50W.

LED floodlight 130W120W high-power outdoor lighting fixture, undertaking waterproofing and outdoor lighting projects such as open valley power tunnels, parking lots, sports venues, construction sites, campuses, gardens, hotels, parks, building complexes, etc. The effective lighting after completion of the project increases the vitality of the city at night, improves operational efficiency, and has a meaningful lifespan.