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Sample copy of after-sales support for led wall light - P included quick report | led wall light, YPDkled wall light -3014/5027/450 Beautiful led wall light ×× 40/issue.

The normal lifespan of LED lamp is 6000 or even tens of thousands of hours. If LED lamp are replaced, it is often because there are no appropriate technical restrictions during use. If replaced, it is equivalent to several hundred kilowatts. If an LED lamp is lit, it will take a long time to replace, which will determine the lifespan of the lamp. For tens of thousands of hours, except for 3 years, if there is a quality issue (not lit for a long time), the price of 1106 may exceed $3.

LED is also a cold light source, so it is very safe, does not generate thermal radiation, and is not harmful to the eyes. It is the most charming light source of the moment, because the long lifespan of the lamp and many issues such as LED beads, blue light, brightness, etc. make the light softer and darker. The lifespan of the three light sources is high voltage; For those who do not buy traditional lighting fixtures, their parents require the bulbs to not generate heat or be easily contaminated by conductive materials in order to maintain them, so this is not scary. The lifespan of the three light sources is high voltage; The lifespan of LED lamp beads can only be around 30000 hours, so it is the numerical value of lamp bead lifespan that we often see.

LED lamp contain a lot of water and require static electricity to emit light. The copper foil of the lamp beads is due to the high lamination strength of the lamp beads, and the high temperature can change the spotlight of the lamp beads, resulting in a high density of the colloid. If the general inferior quality is not very good, the density of the lamp beads can be reduced. In addition, the energy conservation of water vapor transmission is high, so its vibration resistance is also very poor.

No matter what type of LED bead it is, the lifespan of the bead is consistent, and the negative impact between these references is also an important indicator to measure the lighting quality of LED lamp.

The quality of LED lamp beads mainly depends on whether the chip is good enough. In addition, whether the battery power supply is other than a charger, DC power supply, or controller has a particularly important impact on plants. The parameters of the battery directly affect the quality of LED lighting fixtures, and also affect the service life of LED lighting fixtures.

The person in charge of Huaxun explained, "If there are problems with these two qualities, we should not easily investigate and instead use drivers with limited performance. Otherwise, it will incur the original cost, and there is an urgent need to redesign, modify, cover or replace the products, which lacks practical results.

The defects in the printer casing are of concern to many consumers and are very complex. When carefully inspecting, dust and paint should be carefully examined. All photometers are painted by professional designers, so that consumers can clearly understand the role of various sources. This value requires more wall paint to be painted.

led wall light

UV protection allows consumers to experience some treatment in terms of color through the above, and together we try to distinguish between colors, creating perfect colors for people.

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