Special attention points for packaging design of led wall light

Special attention should be paid to the packaging design of led wall light - from the packaging of led wall light, there is no wallpaper cloth with quality inspection atmosphere, and there is no factory finished product production process for circuit lamp in Shandong Province. Attention points - led wall light produced by led wall light manufacturers are centered around "led wall light Xishi". Here are hidden wall lamp processing, mini wall lamp, office wall lamp, display wall, outdoor wall lamp, etc. Welcome to follow~Detailed introduction to the processing and manufacturing of led wall light.

The commonly used led wall light are made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel. Currently, the led wall light used in the market include metal halide lamp, micro controlled wall light, glass chandelier, semi controlled wall light, compact glass wall lamp, high-end wall lamp, and trial lighting products.

Additionally, the wire connectors used can be automated and widely used for factory production and processing, as well as lighting in specialty stores, restaurants, hotels, and other lighting fixtures.

The same product can be made according to different raw materials and customer requirements, achieving a complete combination of lampshades, shell accessories, inner liners, lighting, remote controls, etc. with different shapes and colors. The thermal conductivity of metals can be freely switched, and oxidation resistance, electrostatic shock, etc. can also be used under various conditions.

Widely used in hotels, bars, KTVs, corridors, home furnishings, exhibition halls, shopping malls, schools, factories, hospitals, control rooms, households and other consumer groups.

LED energy-saving lamp, such as energy-saving lamp, LED corn lamp, metal halide lamp, cold light source LED fluorescent lamp.

This product is most suitable for simple ceiling decoration lighting, with a shape similar to the restaurant version 002 or square. The surface is sealed with epoxy resin, suitable for the surface of lamp shells in large and small homes. It is suitable for relatively open spaces or independent kitchen spaces.

Hubei brass reinforced composite material is corrosion-resistant in terms of quality improvement and showcases a sense of elegance, rather than replacing the original wood style. The brand it replaces is aluminum, which has the characteristics of anti-corrosion and ultra-thin, effectively protecting the material, being reliable, corrosion-resistant, and impact resistant.

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