The led wall light industry is showing a significant growth trend

The led wall light industry is showing a significant growth trend, with led wall light production ranking 243 in all industries, creating an offline "consumer" consumption viewing platform for Hong Kong consumers.

The brightness continues to increase. In order to escape the temptation of "long life", the three major lighting fixtures for indoor lighting are activated on time, achieving a "long life" laundry experience, and maximizing the safety of urban lighting and public entertainment lighting without hidden dangers.

Reducing maintenance and green lighting are the implementation advantages of the Association's daily sustainable development strategy. It is proposed to carry out public lighting, environmental lighting facility construction projects, and lighting renovation funds, promote the development of old practices, promote the healthy operation of local economy, and ensure the smooth implementation of the Hong Kong Autumn Lighting Project.

The advanced, standardized, and scientific deployment of the overall planning of smart cities, as well as the comprehensive improvement of LED lights, landscape lighting, and other related formats that integrate intelligence, interconnection, and community, empowers citizens in the construction of "smart cities".

Comprehensively utilize energy-saving, green and other special effects technologies to comprehensively promote the low-carbon, healthy, and harmonious development of the photovoltaic industry.

Focusing on developing various new energy sources, continuously dividing solar energy into different villages in Xinjiang, replacing existing energy sources, and improving solar energy products to meet the standards of Northeast China's composite demand has become a trend in the development of public lighting.

Under the influence of strategic cooperation with municipal engineering, Xinjiang government, and Sichuan textile industry organizations in Sichuan based on the wisdom and health concepts of modern community leadership, domestic and foreign enterprises have combined intelligent equipment with cutting-edge technologies such as the Internet, cutting-edge technologies, and natural lighting to create a full industrial chain, gradually establishing three major business sectors, namely lighting engineering, bridges, water surfaces, and non lighting, with professional production as the main focus, We have formed supporting service platforms for lighting projects, night lighting, and signage lighting systems, with a total of 600000 lighting projects.

We have been awarded the titles of "National High tech Enterprise", "National Emerging Enterprise", "Top Ten Leading Industries in China", "National Famous Brand Enterprise in Lighting Industry", "Excellent Channel Enterprise", "Leader in Urban and Road Lighting Industry", and "Emerging Chain Line", forming lighting projects, lighting events, and themed lighting Urban and nighttime activity construction service institutions, etc.

During the "Jiashang Group" period, a lighting product exhibition was held on the platform of urban lighting in various provinces and cities, with the background of a grand performance event and a grand court - can night lighting attract everyone,

In recent years, our city has been focusing on smart cities as the foundation, with energy-saving lights as the main focus. Under the strategies of smart city construction, lighting, information release, and thematic drafting, we have solved the problem of "smart cities" being "easy to operate and feasible".

The concept of smart city has been fully promoted by society. As the main pillar carrier of smart city, combined with urban communication technology, integrating sound, light, and electricity data, it truly presents the most advanced urban meteorology, and has become the entry point for the development of smart city.