The led wall light market is facing a major trend of overall upgrading

The led wall light market is facing a major trend of overall upgrading. Many household wall lamp are not very familiar with this situation, so they are considered good products. For example, the lampshade of the wall lamp is selected from glass or resin material that has undergone anodizing and control treatment. The resin can be selected from relatively water resistant PU material, and can also be packaged with PU resin in the same tube process as silicone. The final product is also silicone, and the design of the resin will give all colors and styles. The wall lamp is controlled by a program, and its startup time is basically within 02S (decoration), which can meet the needs of different daily periods of rest and can also be derived. Sewing, anxious sewing, suspension, machine vision, and other machines. They are all encapsulated by silicone and LED resin.

PP creativity: Design philosophy: Design originates from design, design originates from innovation. It is continuously developed in the field of materials to meet the requirements of waterproof grade, durability, environmental protection, and reliability. Adopting three primary color LED waterproof soft light strip products, it can meet the needs of different colors. Its special design can achieve three-dimensional and soft, natural visual effects. Waterproof, dustproof, and resistant to cracking, without the need to damage the original building structure. Its waterproof function has the same advantages as LED light aperture. The bedroom does not require too many appliances and lighting. The bedroom only uses U-shaped brackets and LED light strips to visually distinguish it from the audience, completely expanding the space between the bedroom and study. LED waterproof soft light strip products can be used both in winter and at night.

led wall light

The photoelectric energy without main lamp design utilizes LED lighting technology, which has the function of connecting with light without the need for repeated switching, and the light source is retained.

led wall light

Long service life, with its own patent in the LED lighting industry: "OSRAM" lampshade. Firstly, it is a low-quality product that is refused to be used to push out old light bulbs for damage, which cannot be seen by the user's eyes. The second repair involves replacing the H-shaped lampshade with an inappropriate old light bulb and replacing it with a new lamp tube. Thirdly, provide a series of supporting light source systems: they can be replaced with designated light and lighting sources as needed, and can also provide appropriate illumination and brightness. The light source used is LED lamp. So, choose the appropriate color temperature and high color rendering. This may be the LED lighting fixture with the highest number of purchases. Depending on the indoor space requirements, choose Cold White Light (HPS), Warm White Light (HPS), or Natural White Light (HPS).

As a key light source, the luminous efficiency and luminous efficiency of lighting sources are closely related. Currently, there may be mainly incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, energy-saving lamp, halogen bulbs, and other light sources purchased from abroad. Other light sources (halogen lamp, energy-saving lamp) are fixed products from the United States, Germany, Japan, Italy, Taiwan, Europe, and other countries. For example, halogen lamp, incandescent lamp, halogen tungsten lamp, LED lamp, as well as alcohol based and LED lamp. LED lighting performance (electrical lighting, according to the EU market). Incandescent lamp. Hot rolled sodium lamp is made by utilizing chemical energy, thermosetting, and sealing compounds, and has the characteristics of strong thermal radiation, single cycle, and double cycle.

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