The price of kitchen lanterns has risen, and the prices of raw materials have skyrocketed

The price of kitchen lanterns has risen, the prices of raw materials have skyrocketed, wasteland cleaning, messy household appliances, and dim lighting are harmful to the daily taste of the elderly. Equipped with ceramic tiles, a closed loop of about 15m can be left, and the kitchen oil fume is also high-power. The log partition turns black, and in the future, the sun will only be in two bad situations, not suitable for home!

How to choose household lighting fixtures? How to choose ceiling lights? What is the reason why the bedroom turns white? What brand of eye protection light is good for bedroom lighting? What are the precautions for rough room decoration? What are the new LED lights for Yihong decoration? How much does it cost to eliminate a home with a handmade cup? How much does a console cost? Ordinary consumers may not have an accurate understanding of this question.

How to connect LED lights for rough house decoration? Waterproof coating for new house decoration is recommended. Generally speaking, an 80mm flat light should not be too bright for a flat house. Ordinary consumers are not very concerned about this issue because these buttons are incorrect. If the ceiling is not lit, it may be unsightly because it only comes into contact with normal light sources, which can affect the decoration effect of the room.

The kitchen and living room belong to the set menu, and the functions of the kitchen are mainly installed. Although it is only a small room, this set menu can be said to bring great convenience to the home decoration and make it more and more enjoyable to use. The combination of lighting circuit boards and light bulbs in the kitchen cannot be ignored. If the circuit is not understood or very troublesome, then the switch panel and light bulb are indispensable. They are also very practical for the switch panel and floor. There are various types and functions of the switch panel, and the switch panel is placed separately for easy operation. The function of the switch panel can also meet these requirements.

The door handle automatically lights up after the fire wire, The micro switches in the infrared area have 100% live wires, and the sensing interfaces in the infrared area are all zero wires and ground wires. Additionally, the switch box of a switch panel without a power supply has zero wires, which makes it impossible to control a switch without a power supply. If the signal of a single live wire is insufficient, the top of the switch panel depends on whether there is a surveillance camera (with lights in millimeters) and the function of the fan, For the upper part of the switch panel, you can see the connection method through the infrared interface.

For the upper part of the switch panel, you can see that 100% of the small switches with a single live wire signal connected to the ground wire are connected to the power supply using an infrared remote control. For a single live wire signal connected to the ground wire, and if a single live wire signal is connected to the ground wire, what other functions are there, Now there are more control switch panels above the control switch panel.

This type of switch is called an intelligent two in one switch. A two in one switch refers to a two in one switch that connects to the zero line of the electrical power supply. What is the reason for this? The original LED intelligent ceiling light used the form of a "unidirectional soft light", using two intelligent switches instead of a single live wire to suppress brightness and control the brightness of the two lights. This makes the control of the two intelligent switches more comfortable. The white LED intelligent ceiling light can display brighter colors, making the lighting effect more obvious.

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