The production process of led wall light goes through these several processes

The production process of led wall light goes through these several processes. What is the process of producing led wall light and how to handle heat dissipation? What are the basic application specifications for wall lamp and how to choose them? The use of wall lamp is very important. During production, it is necessary to determine the use according to the design drawings, in order to plan and strengthen the compressive strength of these three aspects.

The application of led wall light should be based on the actual situation of the led wall light, and should be classified according to its service life and the condition of the switch power supply.

The characteristic of wall lamp and LED lights produced is that they must be used to a sufficient extent during the use of the lamp, which is the extension of flexibility. Both are flexible and there is no difference in price.

led wall light are mostly used for urban key lighting, with solid technology and multiple technical patents. They have passed the product quality certification system, and their products are far lower than other wall lamp. From the aspects of technical manual, process identification, production process, quality control, etc., the key to mastering is the quality of the product. If the planning is not good at the beginning, it is normal not to test the planner. All products should be carefully done to create a good wall lamp for everyone in Guangxi.

The Minghong design team has gathered multiple experienced lighting designers with rich design cases, with an average of more than 10 years of experience. They have a deep understanding of traditional lighting control design, and scientifically control the principles of design, energy conservation, environmental protection, and scientific effectiveness to ensure the full play of quality.

Both customer cases and design performance can fully meet customer needs and provide comprehensive services to customers. Whether it's consumer needs, commercial complexes, or other designers, Minghong is the representative of Minghong Lighting, a lighting console company that includes bars, theaters, and cinemas. Music halls, computer halls, entertainment venues, nightclubs and restaurants, underground garages, corridors, garages, audio and video rooms, bars, stairs, etc.

Customized lighting intelligent control systems are provided according to customer needs. With the creation of lighting control systems, these intelligent lighting control systems that meet functional requirements and are aesthetically pleasing and comfortable can enable users to use lighting more comfortably, solve color diversity, and increase the needs of both users and users.

Standing at the starting line of the Sailuqi movie, the height difference coefficient, film lens, convection facilities, and film metal spraying equipment under the stage have all been replaced by intelligent lighting control systems. This system can not only set up lighting for the control room, but also design lighting scenes according to the plot requirements, combining various conventional scenes, and better achieving design creation