What are the production costs of led wall light included

What are the main steps involved in the production cost of led wall light, and what are the costs of led wall light production? What are the main steps involved in the production cost of led wall light.

What are the main steps involved in the production cost of led wall light: preparation work, learning work, improving product quality, strictly controlling quality, and clarifying responsibilities.

The production cost of led wall light includes the following contents: the quality and usage of the materials themselves, and the service life of the materials.

Power supply: Not all metal plates can be used, such as wave soldering. Short circuit is formed by wave soldering and cannot be used. Generally speaking, if the metal sheet is used in different environments, the price will also vary, and there are also mechanical disks. The maintenance and replacement costs of electrical circuits are relatively high, but the usage environment requirements are high. It is best to purchase a stone fence for power supply.

LED lighting: For example, traditional down lights, LED ceiling lights, LED spotlights, LED down lights, LED ceiling lights, etc. used in the living room.

Industrial lighting fixtures that focus on environmental protection, safety, and mechanical safety; The requirements for the use of industrial lighting are to provide high-quality and safe lighting solutions.

How to choose LED indoor lighting fixtures with excellent color is not only related to the perfection of color tone and illumination, but also to the emotions of the residents.

led wall light

The price of LED lighting fixtures is protected and evaluated by multiple countries. Why is it solely due to the price factor, rather than the high or low price, because this is the main factor.

Next, the editor will introduce the manufacturer's rules for LED lights.

Principle: Observe the line color, wavelength, and light efficiency of the required LED light strips. Not having too many colors can result in poor mixing characteristics when choosing.

Principle: Lack of raw materials can cause polarization of the light source, hinder the brightness of the light source in lighting, or cause glare. It is recommended to choose LED light strips with plastic or other materials.

Method: Observe the selected materials: plastic, die-casting, baking paint, light diffusion PC, platinum surface, lamp cover, lamp holder, transparent PC, and other LED light strips with a purity not exceeding 10%.

However, due to its unique overall styling preferences, customers have a bias towards LED lights. Most customers' psychological UX can design LED light strips and shells into similar shapes, rather than simply being squeezed out or hidden. This is also an inherent feature of LED light strips. Two LED light strips can be classified outside the lamp frame, but the outer frame is waterproof and breathable, and the thermal expansion coefficient should not exceed 60%. Another identification method is to use wet gloves, but before making waterproof stickers, the color material often has a sticky base thickness. This can prevent small particles from flying on the lamp strip, which affects the UV resistance of the product. Made of dust-free LED light strips, resistant to 400 times of dry cloth, completely avoiding the gluing process. Here, we also remind franchisees that they cannot lack large selection units.

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