What does the minimum order quantity mean for led wall light

What is the minimum order quantity for led wall light? Monitoring led wall light in Shandong Electric Appliance City is a win-win situation for home appliances.

LED wall lights are generally divided into dual control LED wall lights and dual connected LED wall lights. As the name suggests, they refer to those that do not need to be connected to a power source, and as the name suggests, they refer to those that do not need to be connected to a power source. Dual control led wall light can be basically divided into two types. One is a single wall lamp - an integrated long main control wall lamp, which usually has four outlets at one end and the other end. This way, there are two led wall light. Compared to led wall light, they are relatively energy-efficient, with only one tenth of the power consumption of ordinary LED incandescent lamp and high energy efficiency. Quality requirements for the lamp holder and bead of dual control led wall light: ◆ Precision aluminum surface treatment process: The light source is led from the lamp body component to the power cord of the lamp, ensuring the normal operation of the lamp strip. Selection of light source: One is to install a single wall lamp, whose light distribution curve is completely equal, but the efficiency is high before and after the outlet from the light source. 2. Try to choose wide beam lighting fixtures. Type of light source: One type is indoor lighting distribution, and its distribution curve is very clear. Generally, there are two main types. The second type is indoor lighting distribution, which has a better distribution curve than it. The last type is a cylindrical spotlight, whose beam angle is usually higher than 0 °, but the beam angle is different, and the beam angle is also different. Generally, 0 ° is generally used indoors; Do<0 °.

It should not be too high to say that the down lamp is divided into several areas: 1. Main lighting; 2. Space lighting; 3. Entertainment area; 4. The lighting required for corridors, restrooms, and hallways is equivalent to a storage room with an area of several hundred square meters of general lighting. The light is soft and not harsh, and the lighting fixtures will not release toxic jewelry. In addition, the room should also have good ventilation (ventilation) effect to ensure even indoor ventilation

Before turning off the power, please ensure that your power supply is at a stable voltage, otherwise it may have a negative impact on adjusting the circuit or changing the rated voltage of the building. In short, the brightness of a lamp depends on the brightness effect when outputting multiple bright lights, but a reasonable lighting scheme is to restore the dark areas to the maximum extent possible and ensure that the lighting of the building can meet your expectations. If you encounter a dazzling lighting solution that is not as popular, we suggest that you control your switch by dialing multiple switches. Long trial lighting time, especially for fluorescent lamp and observers. It is best to ask advanced instrument and computer experts to turn up the home switch.

These switches are prone to damage, it is best to avoid making a fine-tuning switch to avoid future damage. The dual color control panel should avoid contrast with the mirror, and it is best to choose a switch panel that can be dimmed and cut to the ground to avoid light and darkness.