Where is the springboard for the glass chandelier industry under the new consumer wave

Where is the springboard for the glass chandelier industry under the new consumer wave?

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Since its opening, the glass chandelier industry has been widely known. Compared to traditional lamp, its product quality has greatly improved. Currently, many high-quality products are only used in high-end hotels, restaurants, exhibition halls, shopping malls, schools, and other occasions, but their flexibility and accuracy vary, regardless of the environment.

When the lighting in the hotel restaurant is insufficient, the chandelier manufacturer comes to consider the installation of lighting fixtures in public areas. All lighting fixtures have to be removed and dropped with a heavy weight of IP46.

For restaurants represented by modern hotel restaurants or kitchens, the installation requirements and installation requirements for chandelier are very high. In situations where safety is difficult, chandelier can be installed on the ceiling of restaurants, making them a high-end feature of hotel restaurant space.

In the residential scene, desk lamp can be placed on sofas, coffee tables, and bookcases. The light emitted by the desk lamp creates an atmosphere with the color temperature of white light, reflecting a sense of luxury and nobility. You can see more floor mounted desk lamp, which not only have the basic lighting effect, but also have a clear layered beauty. The color temperature of floor lamp is generally around 3200K warm white, but how high is the color temperature of 5600K cardboard? Low color temperature makes the living room more cozy. If there are guests in the living room, it is recommended to use ceiling lights to create a more emotional atmosphere.

Hotels use ceiling lamp with a diameter of around W to 200 centimeters as lighting sources, and the height is usually placed end-to-end in the living room before people come over. The hotel includes installation methods such as sleeping bag lamp, desk lamp, wall lamp, and mirror mounted wall lamp, and a dedicated ceiling lamp for the hotel is installed on the wall to ensure safe and comfortable lighting.

Generally speaking, floor lamp are mainly used in indoor spaces such as spaceships, lobbies, courtyard corridors, and display windows. The main purpose of this type of lighting source is to bring different shapes of light along the edges of the medium emitted by the light, providing illumination for the purpose.

The hotel uses ceiling lights to combine lighting sources or their unique shapes, just like staircase chandelier. The design from the ceiling to the display window can basically extend the lighting sources to each part, greatly showcasing different styles of shapes, and even various unique artistic expression techniques. In addition, the precision and relationship between light and lighting make the spatial texture even more perfect, becoming a retro home.

The design of ceiling lights used in indoor spaces such as living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and study rooms not only increases the sense of hierarchy in the interior space, making the space different from daytime tones, but also cultivates the Benning order of the space, making the entire space flexible and cute, and increasing the interactivity of the space.

The choice of lighting fixtures in the bedroom space creates an introverted atmosphere with bright colors and diverse styles of light sources, allowing guests to feel the step of "avoiding" going home. Therefore, in the bedroom space, choosing down lights is also one of the best methods for lighting.

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