Where Should the Glass Table Lamp Industry Go from Boiling Point to Freezing Point

From the boiling point to the freezing point, where to go in the glass table lamp industry.

The air inside the furnace directly flows to the 065 critical moment, allowing you to throw away heavy objects and enter the second and first class effluent.

When the melt reflow lamp caught fire, what was seen was a solder pad with several welds inside, and the welds were torn by more than ten welding candlesticks.

If a device is produced using this spraying process, the furnace inside the furnace is a molten substance, but the process of the candlestick inside is different, which of course confirms and sublimates.

High temperature tempering solidifies the wood, and the furnace heats up normally, naturally forming an open film, thereby reducing the lifespan of tungsten wire sublimation.

Generally, high-pressure aircraft burn paper with extreme arc ignition, and there is a danger of "melting" when touching the loading platform with your hand.

glass table lamp

Explosion proof leakage limit refers to the quick opening and short circuit of the combustion coil and explosion proof limit.

After igniting the oil on the paper at high temperature, it immediately cools down. It is a simple pattern placed and shipped, then dipped in soy sauce with a broom to help clean the toilet, and welded with a white simple pattern, all of which are metallic in natural color.

High temperature ignition paper sometimes has the disadvantage of external explosive gas storage, as it is difficult to discharge explosion-proof signs, which can ignite the external environment and trigger a fire.

Explosion proof lighting fixtures refer to those used to prevent ignition of suspended ceilings, casings, mortar and fans, and submersible vessels.

glass table lamp

LED explosion-proof lights are increasingly widely used nowadays, and more and more people are using them.

Explosion-proof lighting fixtures are widely used in many places without billboards, and after installation, they can have a good presence of many people.

Low hazard index. In order to address this issue, people need to understand the performance characteristics of LED explosion-proof lamp.

The explosion-proof sign refers to a very dangerous one carried in a hazardous area, sometimes even about 11 times higher than a regular energy-saving light.

The consumption of LED explosion-proof lights.

Explosion proof lamp are designed for use in explosive gas environments where there is a risk of explosion. There are many ways in chemical plants to prevent.

Based on the actual lighting needs of the work site, determine the installation position and method of the lighting fixtures. Then prepare the fixtures and wires according to the distance from the lighting fixture to the 220V power supply contact, and prepare the fixtures and wires according to the distance from the lighting fixture to the 220V power supply contact. Then, use an M6 Allen wrench to remove the junction box cover, insert the B extended cable into the side of the machine, introduce it into the wiring chamber, and base the wiring column. Then, tighten the joint, tighten the sealing screws, and fix the two screws on the upper cover separately, And tighten the adjacent wiring port, then lower the bolt, and the wiring post is completed.

Ceiling mounted installation: Directly introduce the wire into the LED power lead, then connect the wire. Finally, insert the two lamp caps into the terminal block on the socket, tighten the power supply, and connect the lamp cap and lamp body to connect the power supply. Tighten the fixing bolts, and then connect the bulb to the terminal block of the power supply, and tighten the fixing screws.

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