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Select 10 best pendant lights to illuminate your living space as Father’s Day Gifts

Jun 06, 2023  Josenart

Lighting is frequently overlooked when remodeling or designing a room, but it shouldn’t be. Aside from the fact that there are countless interior design options, good illumination is necessary at night and around midday on drowsy winter days.

Calculate the room’s length and width and divide the result by 12 to determine your space’s appropriate size and drop (how far it hangs from the ceiling). You’ll get the perfect width for your pendant light from this.

The pendant’s length is another factor to take into account. Simply double the room’s height by three, then divide the result by 12 to determine the optimal height.

However, if you intend to hang your pendant light in a busy area, such as a hallway, take careful not to hang it too low so that people can trip over it. The same applies to pendant lights over kitchen islands and dining tables; make sure they aren’t hung too low so people bump their heads when getting up from a stool or chair. Besides, putting a pendant in your dining room may be a nice choice for your father who loves to cook for you. Let’s select practical gifts of kitchen decor for your father.

If your father loves to cook, consider getting him a practical gift like a new kitchen pendant lamp. There are so many options to choose from, depending on what style of lamps he likes. A Machinist Glass Funnel Pendant best known as a modern lighting collection for the dining room is a good choice for decorating the kitchen space.

Good-quality Machinist Glass Funnel Pendants can make meal prep much easier and more efficient. Whatever you choose, it’s sure to be a gift that he’ll use and appreciate every day in the kitchen.

To be concluded, these useful gift suggestions are perfect for your father if he enjoys cooking for your family, spends time in the dining room learning about different cuisines, or just takes pleasure in the act of cooking. The Machinist Glass Funnel Pendants not only can provide a welcoming ambiance for us but also can offer the ultimate light luxury living experience.

Last but not least, consider the lighting. A design contained in a solid, opaque material will produce a more concentrated, directional light than one made of clear glass or an open shade. Make a decision based on whether the pendant will serve as the primary or secondary source of lighting in the space.

Obviously, the measurements are merely a guide and do not need to be accurate. Once you’ve settled on your style and type of pendant lamps, finding a design that goes well with your current decor and your personal taste will become more important.

The best pendant lighting for 2023 for Father’s Day are:
Best for sophisticated elegance – Ankara 10″ Pendant: $499, https://www.arhaus.com/products/ankara-10-pendant?variant=42186315923627
Best for large rooms – Visual Comfort Loire Large Chandelier: $955, https://www.josenart.com/products/cloud-mist-glass-chandeliers-1
Best for a kitchen island –Anabella Rectangular Chandelier: $1299, https://www.arhaus.com/products/anabella-rectangle-chandelier?variant=40869117886635
Best for modern of luxe schemes – Cracked Glass Bowl-Within-Bowl Shade Pendant: $365, https://www.josenart.com/products/cracked-glass-bowl-within-bowl-shade-pendant
Best for small spaces –Scandinavian Large Mod Globe Pendant:$224,https://www.shadesoflight.com/products/scandinavian-large-mod-globe-pendant?via=624c8798736964001900f1d0%2C624c87d1736964001901c116
Best for minimalist-style decor –Chamont Pendant: Unknow, need to get a quote from the attached bio:https://jonathanbrowninginc.com/products/ceiling-fixtures?deep=ChamontPendant
Best for eccentric beauty –Bronze Light Suspension in the Shape of a Faded Leaf:$1047.32,https://www.1stdibs.com/furniture/lighting/chandeliers-pendant-lights/bronze-light-suspension-shape-faded-leaf/id-f_30766612/
Best for a statement –Modern Metal Shade Pendant – Large: $318, https://www.shadesoflight.com/products/modern-metal-shade-pendant?color=Matte+Black&via=624c8798736964001900f1d0%2C624c87b97369640019015ec7
Best for directed lighting– Calee V4 Pendant: $1413,https://www.lumens.com/calee-v4-pendant-by-cvl-luminaires-CVLP371695.html
Best for grouping together – Utilitaire Globe Shade Pendant: $315,https://rh.com/us/en/catalog/product/product.jsp?productId=prod18530144&layout=square

Ankara 10″ Pendant

Best: For sophisticated elegance

This simple and refined pendant (10″ Width x 11″ Height x 10″ Depth) is as elegant as they come and would suit a small space, such as a foyer or porch. However, we can’t help but feel that it begs to be placed over a bar table. For the dad who enjoys a nice glass of wine, a pendant for a bar table can be a fun and sophisticated gift.

We especially like the smoky-grey shade of the pendant; it’s much less in-your-face than dazzling vintage brass and complements the grey glass design beautifully. Chic and versatile.

Buy now $499

Visual Comfort Loire Large Chandelier

Best: For large rooms

Modern yet chic, we can see this pendant with mist and cloud texture looking perfectly at home in a contemporary-style kitchen or large living room. And it is definitely best suited to a big space – the overall dimensions of the pendant lamp are 31.5″Dia x 11.8″H and the drop can be up to a whopping 15.7″. The mist and cloud glass shades are hand-blown, diffused light when the pendant is turned on.

It weighs about 9.5 kg, but it is a tribute to the excellence of its construction. The fixture is composed of glass lampshades with mist and cloud and a brass frame. And we couldn’t stop touching the glass! A lovely, pared-back take on a classic chandelier shape.

If your dad likes to invite his friends to your living space for leisure time. Why don’t we set the stage for lighting up the glass chandelier that guests will never forget and choose this kind of pendant lighting as a gift for Father’s Day?
Buy now $955

Anabella Rectangular Chandelier

Best: For a kitchen island

This single strip of a brass frame with multiple crystal clusters looks absolutely like a piece of art, and that’s precisely the point. At 15.75″ long, it was made to be hung over a kitchen or possibly a long, rectangular dining table, and the supporting wires are so discreet it almost looked like it was floating in mid-air when we held it aloft. Not at all conspicuous. But its stunning appearance with a magnetic crystal surface attracts your eyes. Unobtrusive yet eye-catching, this is a dad for lovers of minimal design.

Buy now $1299

Cracked Glass Bowl-Within-Bowl Shade Pendant

Best: For modern or luxe schemes

This stunning pendant immediately grasped our focus with its subtle charm. The Crack collection of lamps is the technique of removing the glass and dipping it in cold water when it is fired at a high temperature of 700~900 degrees Celsius creating cracks in the glass to achieve a special texture effect.‎ The textural of glass gives rise to different light effects, more subdued or more sensual. Picture this: replacing a traditional table lamp, it bathes a living room corner in a gentle, warm light, or imagine it as a chic substitute for standard lights over the dining table or kitchen, where it can cast a soft, diffused glow to enhance the space’s ambiance. The bowl design’s ability to subtly spread light paired with the combination of glass and light bulbs adds a luxurious touch, harmoniously marrying form and function to beautify your home.

Buy now $365

Scandinavian Large Mod Globe Pendant

Best: For small spaces

We were really taken by this stunningly minimalist pendant, it is a perfect gift for our fathers who are keen on minimalist interior design. And it immediately brought to mind the indoor hanging planter trend that’s so popular right now. This brushed brass and black metal and opal glass design is so versatile it would look good in any room, but we think it would make a great alternative to a table lamp in the corner of a living room or instead of lamps on either side of a bed. The generous flex length is 100cm, so it could easily be suspended at a very low height for reading, and gives off a warm light that isn’t too harsh.

Buy now $224

Chamont Pendant

Best: For minimalist-style decor

This mix of a minimalist-style and industry-style pendant light is fresh and elegant and ideal for a modern minimalist scheme. There are two versions of lampshades. One is a clear lampshade, the other is a smoky gray lampshade. We really like the clear, smoky gray glass shade which gives a unique downward-cast light. At 11″ in length, the Chamont Pendant works best in small spaces or as part of a row of pendants in a larger room. The matt-black version is a great match for industrial-style decor and both colors have a timeless quality that won’t date. If your home is decorated with minimalist style interior design, you can select this pendant for your dad as a gift for Father’s Day.

Buy now need to get a quote from the attached bio:


Bronze Light Suspension in the Shape of a Faded Leaf

Best: For eccentric beauty

Each incredibly detailed leaf is made from brass with a distressed gold effect, and together they give a feeling of movement like foliage falling from a tree, and each one of these leaf-shaped pendant lights is handmade, with its bronze surface and bumps and non-uniform shape only adding to their charm. The thing that struck us most was how tactile it is and that it looks just as impressive when the light is switched off. In keeping with its modern design, we added a bulb with a gentle light effect for maximum impact. At 7.9″ high and 7.9″ in diameter, it’s ideal for medium-sized rooms, and there’s a larger size, too.

With its eccentric beauty, it is a fabulous gift for your dad on Father’s Day.

Buy now $1047.32

Modern Metal Shade Pendant – Large

Best: For a statement

Remember when we said that lighting is often an afterthought? This stunning pendant is a prime example of why it shouldn’t be, and how easily it can transform a room. If you’re lucky enough to have a large hallway, this design will make a fantastic first impression that, at the same time, isn’t too showy. Considering that a pendant is featured with a matt-black metal shade and a modern minimalist design. There is no doubt that it may be a great gift for your dad to decorate the hallway on Father’s Day.

Buy now $318

Calee V4 Pendant

Best: For directed lighting

This pendant is simple yet stylish, with a modern aesthetic that has a much softer edge thanks to its rustic brass lampshade and black chassis. This pendant’s solid metal shade, which directs the light downward rather than outward, makes it best suited for job lighting in a kitchen or as ambient lighting over a dining table. The brushed gold bracket adds a great cosmetic touch, but it also serves a practical purpose by allowing you to adjust the shade to focus the light where you want it. Smart, adaptable, and very reasonably priced.

The pendant with its functions of practical and adjustable can be a great gift for your dad on Father’s Day.

Buy now $1413

Utilitaire Globe Shade Pendant

Best: For grouping together

This globe, designer-chic light reminds us of something you’d find in a cool cafe, welcoming dining room, or bar, but it’d also look perfectly at home above a kitchen island, especially if hung in a pair. But in order to make our kitchen island complement with pendants, there’s no reason not to go for three. Having said that, this clear glass shade and polished nickel
ceiling tray emit the light directly, so just one will illuminate a large room. Whether you choose one, two, or three, make sure you choose a decorative bulb with an interesting shape or a funky filament for maximum impact.

What if we consider it an excellent gift for your dad on Father’s Day due to its globe design, appealing matte black, and high illumination? We bet your dad will love it so much.

Buy now $315

Overall, a guide to picking the ideal Father’s Day present. The present itself doesn’t matter. It depends on how much you love your father. Father’s Day is just a day to honor all fathers worldwide. The key is to express your affection for your father by telling him, “I love you, Dad,” and by taking care of him on a regular basis. Instead of only doing this on Father’s Day.

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