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Antique & vintage-inspired sconces bring a blend of history and charm to modern walls, serving as both illuminating fixtures and decorative elements. These wall lights draw influence from various eras, from the ornamental Rococo to the streamlined forms of Art Deco. Crafted with materials like aged brass, hammered iron, and cut glass, these sconces not only replicate the look of period lighting but also imbue spaces with a sense of warmth and history.

Antique & Vintage lnspired Sconces

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  • Elegant Magic Garden Wall Sconce Lamp – Bedroom Light Fixtures

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    Original price was: $559.00.Current price is: $226.23.
  • Twilight Halogen Dark Sky Wall Sconces For Living Room

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  • Finny Bath Light – Elegant Bathroom Sconces for Modern Homes

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    Original price was: $605.00.Current price is: $325.00.
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